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Gold 2016 Torrent
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    Stephen Gaghan
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    Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard
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Roused by the biggest venture extortion ever, Kenny (Matthew McConaughey) is a miner who goes to Indonesia to meet with Michael, who has an intuition of where gold can be found in the land. Kenny can raise enough cash to secure a journey. When they hit a payload, it turns into a gigantic stock that J.P. Morgan tries to purchase in on. In the end they attempt to purchase Kenny out of his own organization yet when he cannot, they make him lose his allow for the site. This is switched when Kenny bids to the child of the Indonesian president.

However, everything unwinds when the child does a review on the gold and understands it's all gold tidy sprinkled onto shake. Financial specialists lose billions of dollars and Michael bounced from a helicopter while being transported by Indonesian troopers. Kenny is addressed regarding whether he was tricked or in on the arrangement and it's not clarified on the grounds that the post-mortem examination on Michael's body could have been distorted and he could have gotten away with 167 million he could channel out of the nation. Toward the end, we learn Kenny was given a check for more than 80 million dollars, half of the assets, alongside an agreement he marked on a napkin saying that Michael and him would part the benefits 50/50.
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