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Toward the start of the film, Kaecillius (Mads Mikkelsen) and some different devotees break into a sanctuary and take a book. A voice cautions him of playing out a specific custom and after that a person in a yellow robe stands up to them. They flee from the sanctuary, uncovering them to be in London, and after a battle including controlling their general surroundings, Kaecillius' gathering get away.

Then, Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) completes an operation and gets news from Christine Palmer (Rachel MacAdams) about a braindead man with a projectile in his mind. Regardless of kindred specialist Nicodemus West's (Michael Stuhlbarg) complaints, Strange works on the man and securely takes the slug out, driving the man to pick up a full recuperation.

After the effective operation, Strange welcomes Palmer to watch him at a tradition, yet she cannot. Plainly Strange is an exceptionally self-consumed stickler. While in transit to the tradition, Strange, while speeding in his games auto up a mountain, is diverted by new patient records coming in and crashes his auto off a slope and awakens to his hands being about inoperable. In spite of his earnest attempts and Palmer's support, he winds up coming up short with all his trial medicines, losing almost the greater part of his cash and Palmer.

Amid non-intrusive treatment, a partner then informs Strange concerning a specific patient named Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt), a man who was completely incapacitated yet made an effective and inexplicable recuperation. Abnormal searches out Pangborn and is coordinated to "Kamar-Taj" in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In Nepal, Strange is trailed by the same puzzling man in the opening scene who spares him from being ransacked and whipped by criminals. He then discloses to Strange where to go and drives him to Kamar-Taj, where he meets The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). In the wake of getting some information about Pangborn, the Ancient One says that he "re-situated his soul" and cured himself. In a fierceness, Strange tries to stand up to the Ancient One, however she compel pushes his soul into different measurements to Strange's dread and shock before getting him back and showing him out. While out, a frantic Strange tries to enter the place to no achievement.

While this is going on, the Ancient One and Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) talk about preparing Strange. The Ancient One is fatigued on account of what happened to Kaecillius who went to the dull side (and Strange displaying practically a similar level of pomposity), yet Mordo induces her to permit Strange in. Odd is then let in and we understand that the watch that was practically stolen from him was a keepsake of Palmer, engraved with "The truth will surface eventually you the amount I adore you, Christine," uncovering that he and Palmer were ex-significant others.

Unusual then ventures into a library with Wong (Benedict Wong), and looks at specific books on magic. He then notification a segment which Wong says is selective to the Ancient One and is not to be touched. He says that specific pages were stolen by the previous ace Kaecillius and debilitates Strange over touching the books in that area.

Peculiar starts his preparation and battles rather than his kindred learners. When he whines about his hands coming up short him, the Ancient One draws out an ace with just a single hand who figures out how to invoke a spell. The Ancient One then advises Strange to quiet his self image for his energy to rise, and transports him to the pinnacle of Mount Everest, giving him thirteen minutes to invoke a spell to bring himself back or kick the bucket. Regardless of the stresses of Mordo, Strange figures out how to force it off and return.

Afterward, Strange chooses to peruse up on astral projection however is denied access by Wong. Utilizing the teleportation aptitudes, he adapted prior. Be that as it may, Strange takes the books and figures out how to astral venture and have his soul leave his body. The following day, the Ancient One stands up to Strange about the stolen books and rather, shows him how to invoke a "protected space", which is basically a regressive impression of this present reality where one can rehearse all they need without hurting this present reality and is a shield for dangers (a similar spell in the opening scene). The Ancient One then cautions Strange about Kaecilius and Mordo practices Strange's battle aptitudes, refering to that there is a sure relic of energy that goes to magicians when they are prepared.

Afterward, Strange, in the wake of attempting to compose an email to Palmer, chooses to go to the Library. With Wong truant, Strange tries to take after a period controlling spell in a restricted book while wearing the Eye of Agamotto and figures out how to reestablish the missing pages of the book and in addition an eaten apple. Wong then gets him and chastens Strange over the peril of setting aside a few minutes circles and underscoring that common laws of the world ought not be altered. Wong says that as the Avengers spare the world from physical dangers, they as alchemists guard otherworldly dangers.

Peculiar is then conveyed to a room by Wong and Mordo with three sanctums, one prompts Hong Kong, another prompts London, and another prompts New York. Weird is educated that each of the three sanctums must be ensured by the magicians. An overpowered Strange chooses to leave, however adversaries arrive and impact Strange and Mordo into the London sanctum.

In the London sanctum, Strange sees Kaecilius arrive and apparently murder Mordo. Odd chooses to battle them, and regardless of a few battles, he guards himself by sending one of Kaecilius' supporters into a leave and shutting the path and another into a wilderness zone. Kaecilius then assaults him, yet a coat abruptly connects to Strange and shields him from Kaecilius, and leads Strange to a suit of covering which he traps Kaecilius in. Kaecilius then says that his definitive objective is everlasting life and that the genuine adversary is time - he would summon Dormammu from the Dark Dimension and utilize control from that. He says Dormammu is not the adversary but rather the hero of universes. While Strange is tuning in, one of the devotees abruptly tosses a lance into his back and Strange is cut. In the wake of attempting to get away, Strange makes a gateway and transports to New York where he is brought together with Palmer. He persuades Palmer to perform surgery on him and after that astral activities to an amazed Palmer.

In the interim, the adherent of Kaecilius astral tasks himself enters the gateway to New York (which Strange neglected to close), and the two spirits battle. Peculiar's physical body flatlines yet rapidly understands that defibrillator stuns give him more power. After two capable stuns, he overcomes the adherent and is back in his physical body well and great. In the wake of enlightening an astounded and befuddled Palmer concerning his adventure, he chooses to backpedal to the London Sanctum and finds the physical body of the supporter there also, dead.

All of a sudden, an alive Mordo and the Ancient One arrive. They understand that the coat connecting itself to Strange was his relic and the Ancient One elevates Strange to an ace, instructing him to ensure the New York and Hong Kong sanctums before Kaecilius gets to it. Unusual is irritated and needs to go, yet the Ancient One furiously discloses to him that he has a fanciful conscience. Bizarre, in the interim, strikes back and addresses the Ancient One about her energy of eternality, saying that she sustained off power from the Dark Dimension.

While this is occurring, Kaecilius and his adherent's assault, and Strange makes the turned around mirror spell to secure himself, before understanding that they can at present bite the dust while inside. Peculiar and Mordo are assaulted and pursued, and Strange is nearly executed yet the Ancient One spares them. The Ancient One then battles with Kaecilius after an examination on his plot, and Kaecilius tosses the Ancient One through an invoked gateway falling into London vertically from an extraordinary tallness. Notwithstanding Strange and Mordo's endeavor to spare her, the Ancient One crashes and burns onto the ground abandoning her in basic condition.

Peculiar conveys her through an entryway to New York where Palmer has her worked on and he astral activities to converse with her soul. The Ancient One says that she utilizing the power from the Dark Dimension was valid, however she just did it to anticipate ghastly fates, which unfortunately just deteriorated in the wake of sparing a terrible one. She then says that Stranger has no future, however just potential outcomes, because of his haughtiness and dread of coming up short. The Ancient One then reveals to Strange that the ability to mend himself has dependably been inside, and after that instructs him to stop Dormammu before choosing to bite the dust at long last. After the Ancient One's passing, Strange converses with Palmer and kisses her farewell.

At the Hong Kong sanctum, Wong readies the alchemists for protection. Sadly, Kaecilius is as of now there, and Wong defies him. In the mean time, Strange goes to Mordo back in Kathmandu, and regardless of Mordo's grievances over the Ancient One, he persuades Mordo to run with him to ensure the Hong Kong sanctum.

In any case, when the two arrive, they see that the sanctum has as of now been pulverized and the dull measurement is completely summoned. Bizarre then uses the time turning around spell he adapted before and switches all the harm, including sparing Wong. Kaecilius and organization, notwithstanding, assaults them, and Strange rather chooses to travel to the Dark Dimension himself.

In the Dark Dimension, Strange sees Dormammu and endeavors to deal with him. There, Dormammu kills Strange, before Strange shows up once more, having made a vast time circle to torment Dormammu until he gives him a chance to make an arrangement. In the long run, Dormammu makes and takes Strange laugh hysterically on his offer - allow Earth to sit unbothered and set it free.

Back in Hong Kong, everything has returned to ordinary, before Kaecilius and his devotees start deteriorating - some portion of the deal was to give them "unceasing life" with Dormammu in the Dark Dimension for eternity. While the world is sheltered, Mordo is irritated at Strange abusing the world's regular laws and tempests off, notice him about the inevitable value he needs to pay.
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