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A little horde of individuals is accumulated outside a coffee shop. The police arrive and discover four men on the ground thumped. A spectator tells the cops that one man took them all on and beat them down inside seconds. Sheriff Raymond Wood (Jason Douglas) and his representative enter the coffee shop to discover Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) sitting by the counter with some blood all over. Wood sleeves Reacher and gets ready to take him away until Reacher says that in 90 seconds, the telephone will ring, and Wood will wear the sleeves on his approach to imprison for grabbing and offering undocumented foreigners on military soil. The telephone rings, and Wood answers, giving his name. Seconds after the fact, military squad cars pull up and capture Wood.

Afterward, Reacher talks on the telephone with Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), who helped him catch Wood, and having supported him in different cases. They make game plans to get together at his old office amid the week.

Reacher touches base at the military HQ and discovers Col. Morgan (Holt McCallany) sitting by the work area where Reacher was hoping to discover Turner. Morgan illuminates Reacher that Turner has been captured for conceivable undercover work. Reacher addresses Sgt. Drain (Madalyn Horcher) to realize what kind of lawyer he can discover to help demonstrate Turner's innocence.

Reacher discovers Col. Moorcroft (Robert Caprini) and demands his assistance to get Turner out. Moorcroft rejects and after that raises a paternity suit documented against the military that claims that Reacher is the father to a girl from a lady he used to know named Candice Dayton. Reacher leaves and advises Moorcroft to hit him up when he recollects what his uniform stands for.

Moorcroft has a change of heart and gives Reacher a record on two trooper, Cibelli (M. Serrano) and Mirkovich (Nicole Barre), who were both killed at short proximity in Afghanistan, and it is trusted that Turner was included in their passings. From a separation, Reacher is being viewed by a man referred to just as The Hunter (Patrick Heusinger).

The Hunter discovers Moorcroft in his home and mercilessly beats him for giving Reacher data.

Reacher takes after his gathered little girl Samantha (Danika Yarosh). Before long, Sam gets on and gets Reacher out for taking after her. He inquires as to whether she is Candice's little girl. Sam thinks Reacher needs her mom because of the information of Candice's past occupation as a whore. Sam leaves Reacher.

Reacher comes back to the HQ to discover Morgan, a couple officers, and a legal counselor named Lt. Sullivan (Jessica Stroup) sitting tight for him. Reacher is blamed for executing Moorcroft in his home. He is then arrested.

At the point when Reacher is confined, he spots a few men arriving, knowing they're there to murder him and Turner. He makes Sullivan get him a sandwich and after that breaks. He brings down an officer named Espin (Aldis Hodge) and takes his uniform before making a beeline for Turner's phone. Beyond any doubt enough, the men are there to slaughter her. Reacher brings them all down and gets Turner out of there. They are both spotted and pursued out by the officers. They make their getaway by taking a squad car.

Reacher and Turner get Morgan in his home in the wake of understanding he's required in the plan. They get their data out of him and leave. Afterward, The Hunter appears at Morgan's home and pounds the life out of him with his telephone since he knows Reacher's prints are on the telephone.

Reacher reveals reconnaissance photographs, including some of Sam. He contacts Leach and subtly approaches her for offer assistance. She educates Reacher that Morgan was killed and that Reacher's prints were on the telephone. He and Turner go to Sam's cultivate home and locate her non-permanent parents have been killed. Sam blasts out from under the kitchen sink with a blade in self-preservation. Reacher and Turner quiet her down and take her away.

Reacher and Turner take Sam to a tuition based school, Pembroke, for her insurance, since Turner has an association there. As Sam converses with a portion of the schoolgirls, she hauls out a telephone, which she told Reacher and Turner that she went out. The two draw her away and choose they have to leave, and they discard Sam's telephone to stay undetected.

Reacher gets a call from Leach with data on a man named Daniel Prudhomme, a pro in Afghanistan that saw Cibelli and Mirkovich get executed. Drain likewise specifies an organization called Parasource, which is a private military firm. The three make arrangements to go to New Orleans to discover Prudhomme. Sam gets out a charge card from a pack she stole from one of the schoolgirls with the goal that they can purchase their plane tickets.

On the plane, Reacher spots two contractual workers from Parasource on the plane. He beats them oblivious and gets data off their telephones. On whatever is left of the plane ride, Reacher puts on a show to rest as he catches Sam conversing with Turner about who her dad could be.

In New Orleans, while riding a transport, Reacher confesses all to Sam that it's conceivable he's her dad, and that is the reason she's being chased alongside him and Turner. She doesn't trust Reacher's cases until he says that Candice recorded the paternity suit.

Reacher and Turner find Prudhomme (Austin Hebert) in a surrendered constructing brimming with addicts in the wake of getting tipped off by Prudomme's significant other, who hasn't seen him in months. Turner questions Prudhomme and he reveals to them what he thought about Cibelli and Mirkovich's passings, and additionally what he knows on Parasource.

Reacher and Turner connect with Espin and have him address Prudhomme to take in reality. As Espin is escorting Prudhomme out, they are trapped by professional killers. Prudhomme is shot and executed, and Reacher hops into battle and slaughter the scoundrels. Reacher additionally ensures Espin, and they figure out how to escape.

Reacher, Turner, and Espin get together with other military officers at a base to face General Harkness (Robert Knepper), the CEO of Parasource. Turner blames him for pitching arms to extremists, and that the cases he and his men are conveying contain these arms. They open the cases and reveal huge amounts of opium, prompting Harkness' capture. Minutes after the fact, Reacher gets a call from The Hunter, saying he is following Sam after she called for room administration and they irritated the inn room's telephone.

Reacher and Turner race back to the inn to spare Sam. Sam sees The Hunter and his goons going down the road amid a Halloween parade, so she gets away from the room. The scoundrels pursue her through the boulevards with Reacher and Turner attempt to make up for lost time to them. They slaughter The Hunter's goons before confronting him on the rooftop. The Hunter has Sam held at gunpoint and debilitates to distract her. Reacher drops his weapon and kicks it to The Hunter, leaving Sam with a chance to get The Hunter's firearm out of his hand (as Turner showed her before). Reacher handles The Hunter off the rooftop. They battle a short time longer until Reacher breaks The Hunter's neck and diverts him from another edge.

With her name cleared, Turner is restored to her old position. She and Reacher guarantee to stay in contact and make supper arrangements.

Sam later discovers Reacher in a coffee shop. He is prepared to see if or not she truly is his girl, but rather Sam confirms that she's not, since Candice was serving Reacher espresso, and both of them didn't perceive each other. Afterward, the two say goodbye to each other. Sam mournfully embraces Reacher and slips a telephone into his pocket.

The film closes with Reacher hitching for a ride not far off. He gets a content from the telephone from Sam that asks, "Miss me yet?" He grins and sticks his thumb out.
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