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    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Grace, Kevin Zegers
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Based On True Story Events.


Roman Melynk (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a dedicated development foreman regarded by the men he works with. He checks in with his collaborator Matt (Glenn Morshower) and reveals to him they will arrive in a day in front of timetable on their most recent employment. Matt advises Roman to go home and prepare the house for the entry for his better half and girl, them three getting together for the Christmas occasions. Matt grins, taking note of that Roman is going to end up plainly a granddad and requests him to take the next day away from work too.

Roman goes home, keeps an eye on the house, gives, and changes into new garments. As he goes to leave, he takes a gander at the sonogram of his grandchild, grinning.

Roman arrives before the actual arranged time at the air terminal ahead of schedule, with a bunch of blooms. He sees that his family's flight has a notice to see the counter. Arriving, Roman lets them know of the flight number AX 1-12, and when another chaperon hears the number, a look traverses her face and advises Roman to take after her. She requests his name and ID, and notices his significant other and little girl are arriving yet their papers are all together. As they turn the corner, Roman notification a couple of men, looking shell stunned. One man gives Roman a crushed look yet Roman gets over it as a peculiarity. Roman is set in a room and advised to hold up.

Roman all of a sudden hears another man shout out about his family.

Another lady, Eve Sanders (Mariana Klaveno) goes into the room Roman is in. She instructs him to listen deliberately to what she says next. She reveals to Roman that the flight his better half and little girl were on has endured a "shocking mischance" and however there is no official affirmation yet, it is impossible there will be any survivors found. Dazed, Roman stands up and gazes out the glass, as he looks and acknowledges everybody around him is getting the same terrible news. "She was pregnant," Roman says, alluding to his girl, which makes Eve jump. "Olena went to lift her up, to bring her back." Roman abruptly hears another man cry out with sickening apprehension in another room, his anguished cries, and his beating on the divider. Roman blacks out, not able to take everything.

Roman is given medicinal consideration. Eve inquires as to whether there is whatever other family that ought to be reached and Roman advises her no; he is confronting this by itself. Roman is enlightened by Eve regarding a bolster focus that is being set up in an adjacent lodging that will offer therapeutic and mental advising to any individual who needs it, notwithstanding any updates. He can likewise be there alone on the off chance that he needs to be. Eve unequivocally suggests that he go there and get help, likewise giving contact data to her specifically, saying not to waver to call. Roman, understanding the lady is doing her best in an untenable circumstance tells he comprehends, and she takes off. Roman is allowed to sit unbothered, misfortune in his misery.


We see Jacob "Jake" Bonanos (Scoot McNairy) engaging in sexual relations with his better half Christina (Maggie Grace). Thereafter they keep an eye on their young Samuel. Jacob relates a tale about his teddy bear Ishmael and Christina and he break jokes about it until Jacob notes he will be late for work.

Jacob heads to work. He is an air activity controller. He is working with one other colleague who lets him know there is as of now nothing to land and heads off to get a nibble. Jacob sees two men taking a shot at the terminals and learns of a few tests that will put the terminals into security mode. He gets the call from AX 1-12 for consent to slip to 10000 feet. Jacob instructs it to sit tight for affirmation. An administrator comes in and lets him know of an additional flight EF 135 that needed to redirect to them because of awful climate. He advises Jacob to call the Pittsburgh tower. Jacob removes his earphones while deciding yet can't get past. He backpedals and gives AX 1-12 consent to drop to 10000 feet. As he tries to decide once more, Jacob totally misses another plane that has flown up on the terminal screen; DH 616 that is gradually however definitely encountering AX 1-12…

Jacob calls EF 135 and reveals to them he can't break through to the Pittsburgh Airport. In the interim, on his other channel DH 616, is revealing to him they are motivating notices to plunge however they have to know, yet Jacob does not see or hear the notice. Taking a gander at the screen, Jacob gives the request for AX 1-12 to drop to 6000 feet, in this way turning away an impact. Be that as it may, quickly after he removes his earphones, DH 616, on not hearing an affirmation likewise starts to dive to 6000 feet…

Jacob gets it together of Pittsburgh and gets the all unmistakable about EHF 135. Backpedaling to his terminal, he understands AX 1-12 and DH 616 are in a crash course. He tries to call AX 1-12 to caution them, yet gets no reaction. All of a sudden, both planes vanish from the screen. Jacob glances around in paralyzed repulsiveness. He comprehends what simply happened.

Jake is introduced a gathering room. His manager, Robert (Martin Donovan) affirms his most exceedingly terrible dread; two planes crashed at high height, with minimal shot of any survivors. Jacob promptly separates wailing. "What number of dead? What number of individuals were on those planes? Goodness my god, what number of individuals are dead?" Jacob shouts out. Robert discloses to him that they don't know why it happened, yet he is, as of now, not being charged or reprimanded for what happened, and that they require him to keep it together, in light of the fact that regardless they have to do a full examination.

Roman returns home, his home so considerably colder and desolate now his family will never set foot within it again.

The following day, Jacob is questioned on the means he went up against that critical night. Robert starts to rattle off what Jacob did, step by step, including the reality, that because of Jacob not having his earphones on at one minute, he didn't hear DH 616 was wanting to plummet. Jacob is escorted to his auto by his legal advisor who lets him know not to call anybody, address anybody, or even go out. The attorney discloses to him he will call Jacob tomorrow and to be solid.

Jacob returns home, and sees his significant other viewing the news scope about the crash. He goes inside and embraces his significant other.

Roman watches the news scope, with the aggregate dead remaining at 271. Eve Sanders calls him once more, keeping an eye on his prosperity, and proposing he go to the Family Center. Rather, Roman hangs up and drives to the crash site. Roman lies and says he is with another man (as they don't need coordinate relatives aiding) and suits up to help experience the destruction. He glances around, staggered by the butchery. He glimpses inside one in place bit of a plane and sees a few dead bodies strapped in. Strolling into an extend of woods, he glances around until he finds a pearl accessory that had a place with his girl, Nadiya. He gets out her name until he sees the incomprehensible; a line of seats stopped in a tree. One of the bodies still strapped in is the body of his exclusive tyke. Roman holds her in his arms, wailing as different professionals encompass him.

Roman is reclaimed to where the bodies being held, sitting in the center between his significant other and little girl, declining to walk out on them, totally devastated.

Christina gets back home to see a news van stopped out on her road. She sees her child Samuel playing outside and reprimands him for being outside without anybody. Samuel discloses to her he hasn't seen his father throughout the day. Christina and Samuel backpedal into the house. "Executioner" and "Killer" have been splash painted on the dividers. The news is out, and people in general has their substitute.

Christina discovers her significant other in bed, mental.

Roman goes the grave of his family, laying blossoms for his better half, little girl, and unborn grandchild. Hours after the fact, a maintenance man discovers Roman go out at the grave. The man reluctantly instructs him to leave, saying each time he gets Roman there he gets stuck in an unfortunate situation. Roman clearly has been remaining overnight in the burial ground, still wrapped profoundly in misery.

In the interim, Jacob is turning into a restless person, not able to rest, and fanatically viewing the news that level headed discussions his blame. His child comes in and says he's ravenous, so Jacob starts to cook a few eggs. Christina comes into the kitchen and discloses to him they had an arrangement of observing no news. Jacob pulls the eggs on his child's plate, scarcely cooked. Unmistakably he is losing it. Christina discards the eggs, revealing to Jacob they are crude, while Jacob contends with her, making them crush a plate. Samuel, befuddled about what is occurring, starts to whine. Christina tries to solace him, and after that sets out the law with her better half.

"This stops now," she says. "You can do this anyway you need to, yet you don't get the opportunity to do it to him, approve?"

Jacob says they were making breakfast, yet Christina ushers her child out of the room back to bed. Jacob advises her to get back in the kitchen yet she overlooks him.

Roman watches old home motion pictures of his family, having nothing else.

Somebody thumps at the entryway. It is Tessa Corbett (Hannah Ware), a columnist. She wouldn't like to trouble him, however needs to demonstrate to him a couple articles she has composed. She wants to compose a book about the mishap and might want to put forth a couple of inquiries later. She reveals to him she will inquire later. Roman takes the articles and starts to peruse them. Afterward, his collaborator Matt drops by to monitor him, attempting to ensure he is alright. Matt makes semi unbalanced "are you affirm" talk however Roman takes it in walk, knowing there is no simple approach to discuss what happened. He takes note of that maybe he needs to get sorted out and back to work, and invest less energy at the burial ground. In any case, his family is there, they can never leave, and he has no other approach to be near them. He knows he has things to deal with right now, and reveals to Matt he needs to go ahead. Matt says he will abandon him to it, and to deal with himself.


It is the one year commemoration of the mishap. Roman is going to a dedication benefit at the crash site. Extensive steel balls have been set in different separations around the crash site as allegorical markers of those lost there. Remaining by one, Roman is drawn closer by Andrew Berg (Christopher Darga) the man he go in the air terminal hall the night of the crash, who had lost his better half and in-laws in the crash. It turns out the anecdote about Nadiya's neckband roused the landmark's outline. Andrew asks Roman what he ought to do to keep himself involved, as whatever he can think about is his family, and each endeavor to remain occupied comes up short. Roman says it will require investment, however he will discover something "that will help him get up." Andrew inquires as to whether he has become through it. Roman remains noiseless.

We slice to a travel organization. Jacob, now under the name Pat Dealbert is working there arranging a journey for a couple. After work, he goes home to a dead flat, alone and far from his family.

Roman is dealing with a man's fence as a side occupation. The man offers him a lager, and Roman takes it. The man offers him his week by week pay, however Roman decays until he completes the occupation. The man then says on the off chance that he preferred the fence his better half selected he would be cheerful. The man recoils and moans, leaving, instantly acknowledging he said the wrong thing to Roman.

Roman sits tight outside a working for Tessa. He needs to approach her for some help; to discover Jacob. On the off chance that the aircraft won't give him statement of regret, he needs one from Jacob.

Tessa leaves a message for Jacob, utilizing his new name, making a request to meet. In a bar, she reveals to him the book is fundamentally prepared, however she needs to allow him to add anything he might want to state. Jacob pauses for a minute and reacts:

"You know, some of the time I, at times I place myself in their shoes. You know, the families? And after that I consider my child and my significant other, and it alarms me to death, it's frightening. That is to say, what would I be able to state? You know, I, I simply need this torment within me to leave. All in all, let them know… Look I'm not a terrible individual? Right?"

Tessa looks on stoically.

Jacob leaves work for the end of the week and goes to purchase perishables, heading home. Roman is grinding away, when he gets a call from Tessa, saying she discovered Jacob. Clearly feeling that Jacob's reaction was sufficiently bad, she has chosen to let Roman know where he is.

Tessa meets with Roman at a bistro and reveals to him that Jacob sold his home, moved to another state, and works at a travel organization. Roman requests his address, and Tessa stops, legitimately apprehensive Roman will deliver hurt against Jacob. Roman tries to mitigate her apprehensions; he simply needs to look at Jacob without flinching, demonstrate to him a photograph of his family, and have him apologize.

"Nobody has said they're sad," Roman says. "Nobody."

Tessa gives him the address and Jacob's new name. Roman needs to give her something, yet Tessa exits, revealing to him farewell. Roman starts to drive.

Jacob is at home, making supper when the doorbell rings. He goes to the drawer, taking a gander at his weapon. He opens the entryway. It is his significant other and child, remaining for the end of the week. Soon thereafter, they examine his new personality, and how Samuel comprehends it. Christina asks how he is feeling and Jacob says alone, and his days shift amongst awesome and terrible. Jacob misses his family, and requests that Christina move Samuel and her to him to begin once again. Christina reveals to him they have to take it moderate. Jacob reluctantly concurs. They rest together on a similar bed, so they can be as one as a family.

The following morning, Christina awakens and starts to tidy herself up in the lavatory.

Roman lands at the flat. Discovering his flat, he rings the doorbell. Christina answers the doorbell, however finds nobody there.

Roman sits in an inn room, thinking about his family and discovering them dead. He watches out the window. Jacob's condo is directly over the road. He drives off.

Jacob is having amusement night with his family. As his better half is getting his child into night robe, the doorbell rings, and he answers it. Roman is there, sitting tight for him. He indicates Jacob the photograph and requests that he apologize. Jacob pushes Roman away, saying he can't be here, as his family is inside. He reveals to Roman it was a "mishap" and he "Didn't slaughter anyone" and that Roman has "lost his brain." As Roman looks down on the photograph Jacob tossed to the floor coincidentally, he hears Jacob is going to call the police. Amid this, Jacob still hasn't the human fairness to attempt and say that he is sad, the ONLY thing Roman needed. That, at long last, pushes Roman over the edge.

In a fury, Roman keeps running into Jacob, cutting him a few times in the trunk, and once in the neck. As Jacob seeps out, he goes for his weapon in the drawer, just for Roman to close it. As Christina and Samuel see Jacob and backlash with sickening dread, Roman calls them Olena and Nadiya, fantasizing they are his family. He takes a seat by them as they wail wildly, holding the photo of his family. We see a nearby of Jacob, dead from the cut injuries.

We slice to a jail. Roman is in prison for Jacob's murder, yet he appears settled regardless of his environment. Ten years pass, and Roman is met by his legal advisor. His case has been offered because of the uncontrollable issues at hand of his case. He could be paroled in four months time. He would need to see a specialist a few times each week and have predictable positive reports, yet he soon could be free.

We next observe Roman leaving jail. He sits at a transport stop alone, nobody to get him. He gets on a transport and heads to the graveyard to visit his family yet again. A man strolls behind him, wearing a dark sweatshirt. Roman places his girl's neckband on the grave. The young fellow strolls up to Roman, and requests bearings to the exit of the burial ground. Roman offers him headings out. As they walk together, Roman notes nothing has changed in the a long time since he has been there. Roman inquires as to whether he has family in the burial ground. The man answers that "No, my dad isn't covered here." Roman promptly quits, knowing it's identity. It's Jacob's currently grown-up child, Samuel.

Samuel hauls out a weapon, planning to slaughter Roman. Roman instructs him to proceed. "Do what you need to do. I comprehend," Roman says. In any case, Roman reveals to him that he is sad for what he did (something Jacob was not able do, the very demonstration that could have kept his demise). Samuel, separating says he altered his opinion, and that he is not going to slaughter Roman. "It's not what I was educated," he says. Samuel advises Roman to go, as he keeps on crying. Roman leaves the burial ground alive, however now should spend whatever remains of his life managing the "outcome" of *his* wrongdoing.
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