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OK Jaanu 2017 Torrent - HD Download [1080p] [720p]

OK Jaanu 2017 Torrent
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    Shaad Ali
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    Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah
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Adi(Aditya Roy Kapur) is a computer game designer who unintentionally meets Tara(Shraddha Kapoor) at his companion's wedding. Tara is wanting to seek after her reviews in Paris, while Adi needs to accomplish huge in US as a computer game designer. They soon home base together, and begin to look all starry eyed at. They concur that marriage is not for them and choose to have a live-in relationship rather, and Tara moves into Adi's place, leased from Gopi Srivastava(Naseeruddin Shah). They wish to invest their energy with each other before they go their different routes for their separate vocations. Tara and Adi live joyfully, being perky with each other.

One midnight, Tara has a discussion with Gopi. She discloses to him that she may get her visa affirmed for going to Paris, and that it's hard for her to leave Adi and go far away. The following day Tara goes to Jaipur for her business, and Adi begins to miss her awfully. After observing the affection and persistence his home proprietor Gopi has for his better half, Charu(Leela Samson), an Alzheimer's patient, who one day even overlooks the path to her own home, they start to comprehend the significance of each other's nearness in their life.

Before long, Adi is chosen to build up his abilities in computer games and to go to the United States. He tells his partner that it's hard for him to leave Tara. The following day, them two make a consent to live it up to the greatest for the 10 days left before they discrete. Nearing the most recent day, they start to have little battles and contentions, which don't keep going long.

One day, Charu disappears once more, as she did when she overlooked her home address. While searching for her, they keep contending about their relationship lastly Adi proposes to Tara and they choose to get hitched. Post marriage, them two keep on accomplishing their own fantasies, one in Paris, another in US. Furthermore, they live cheerfully wedded and in affection.
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