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The film opens with Casey (Nicholas Hoult), being pursued down an expressway and slamming. The camera skillet to his destroyed auto where he describes, saying that individuals do a wide range of insane things, however in the event that they're doing it for adoration, perhaps it's not all that insane all things considered.

A couple days prior, Casey meets Juliette (Felicity Jones) and they begin to look all starry eyed at. They bond when they both set out each other to see who can lay in the snow in their underpants the longest, amid which Casey discovers that Juliette is wiped out and will be requiring a crisis surgery. Not needing for her to pay for the surgery, Casey consents to help his old manager, Geran (Ben Kingsley), a mid-level wannabe hoodlum, ransack a 18-wheeler that has a place with Hagen Kahl (Anthony Hopkins), who is known as a respectable specialist, yet is subtly a medication master.

Previously, Geran helped Kahl turn into the capable man he presently is, however after Geran needed to be equivalent accomplices with Kahl and was turned down, Geran chooses to burglarize him. Casey and his companion, Matthias, arrange a faked auto collision including a cruiser and an auto. The driver of the 18-wheeler pulls over and takes a gander at Matthias in the auto (who's claiming to be harmed and oblivious), while Casey stows away close-by in the shrubberies.

The driver makes a beeline for the truck and gets an emergency treatment pack. He strolls most of the way to Matthias, stops and places the emergency treatment pack on the ground. He opens the emergency treatment pack and hauls out a shrouded automatic rifle and starts shooting at Matthias. Matthias can avoid the slugs from inside the auto, giving Casey time to sneak up on the driver and thump him out. Having been informed that there is a camera in the truck, Casey takes the driver's cap and puts it on, concealing his face from the camera. Casey takes off, while Matthias takes after behind in another vehicle. Casey and Matthias split off in particular bearings.

The men viewing Kahl's cameras, see that Casey isn't taking a gander at the camera and they derive that the truck has been seized. A brief time later, Casey's truck is broadsided by another vast truck and flips onto its side. Casey goes out. He awakens in an expansive distribution center. There, Kahl questions Casey, pondering who enlisted him and who he's working for. Casey doesn't give in, which drives Kahl to undermine Casey with harming Juliette, saying he did some examination on him and thinks about his association with her. As Kahl leaves, Casey is going to be tormented, however he can break out and bounces into a vacant auto and getaways from the distribution center.

Casey tries to call Juliette to caution her, yet gets hindered and gets into a drawn out auto pursue scene with one of Kahl's men. Casey collides with an auto, and Kahl's man escapes his auto with an assault rifle and starts shooting at Casey. Out of the blue, a speeding squad car shows up, crushes into Kahl's thug's auto (propelling it into the air in sensational mold), which continues to likewise crush into the auto Casey is driving.

Casey sees some cash standing out of one of the back traveler entryways. He investigates the entryway and notification squares of cash have been covered up inside the entryways of the auto (which likewise clarifies another motivation behind why Kahl and his men are after him). Casey puts a decent measure of the cash in a sack and takes off as Kahl's fundamental cohort appears. An augmented foot pursue emits through a bar, a building, a house and over a housetop. Casey gets cornered in the house and has a concise battle with the colleague before he thumps him out for a couple of minutes, allowing Casey to get away.

Casey makes it to the road where he experiences a squad car traveling his direction. To abstain from being recognized, he acts like a vagrant, sitting in the city. The squad car advances toward him, and once it has cruised by, Casey takes off in the other bearing. Kahl's partner in crime spots Casey once more, prompting another foot pursue. This time, Casey makes it to another auto, takes it and takes off, deserting the associate. Casey calls Matthias and instructs him to get Juliette out of the healing facility by taking her out for espresso or to see a film. Anything that will get her out of the clinic and will keep her far from Kahl's grip.

At the doctor's facility, Juliette goes by two of Kahl's men, who then pivot and begin taking after her. Back where Casey stole his most recent auto, the driver of that auto begins yelling at police saying that his auto has been stolen, drawing in the consideration of Kahl's colleague, who gets some information about the auto.

Casey gets a call from Kahl, who unobtrusively discloses to Casey that he knows Juliette's address, asking Casey, considerably more, to get to her before Kahl does. Casey calls Geran and reveals to him that everything turned out badly. Geran inquires as to whether he sold him out, yet Casey reveals to Geran that he didn't. Casey reveals to Geran that he can have the cash that he took from Kahl's auto (assessed to be around $5 million) and all he needs is $200,000 and for Geran to secure Juliette, which Geran consents to do. Casey is then pursued by a greater amount of Kahl's men on the turnpike, prompting another drawn out auto pursue scene. Casey winds up evading Kahl's men however winds up destroying his auto and envisions Juliette in the auto with him as it's flipping over various circumstances. This is uncovered to be the scene from the earliest starting point of the film.

Casey awakens and sees a little smaller than expected bag inside the auto, which he purges and places the cash inside. Casey takes another auto. As he's driving, he calls Matthias and inquires as to whether he's with Juliette. Matthias says no, and that some person must her first since he went to her place and nobody was there. Casey sees that the auto he stole is coming up short on gas, so he stops at a station and notification that it just takes cards, not money.

Casey goes inside and tries to pay with a substantial bill, but since of security reasons, they won't take extensive bills. Casey begs the proprietor to give him a chance to pay with it, to which the proprietor yields and gives Casey a chance to pay with it. Casey sees Kahl, and his men pull up to the station. Casey shrouds the case under a rack of chips, yet one of Kahl's men discovers it at any rate. A companion of the service station proprietor sees Kahl's men with firearms, so he gets his shotgun and heads inside. He comes into the corner store and focuses his firearm at Kahl's men. Kahl, himself, goes to the store and converses with the man. Kahl asks the man what his name is. The man answers that his name is Wolfgang. Kahl inquires as to whether it resembles Mozart. Kahl says that Wolfgang will see Mozart soon when he hauls out his firearm and shoots him.

Casey starts unobtrusively chuckling at Kahl. Kahl says most men cry or supplicate when they're going to bite the dust, yet that snickering is unique. Casey then reveals to Kahl that he is still in charge since despite everything he has Kahl's truck. It is then uncovered that Casey exchanged trucks and that the truck that smashed before was a distraction. Wolfgang awakens and shoots one of Kahl's men and seeks shelter behind a counter, giving Casey time to take Kahl's auto and escape.

Casey calls Geran and gets some information about Juliette. Geran reveals to Casey that somebody got to Juliette's place before they did and that she's dead. He's deceiving aggravate Casey. Geran reveals to Casey that his men have her and they're en route back. Casey drives to Geran's steed track and runs with him to an animal dwellingplace to see Juliette. Inside the animal dwellingplace, Geran draws out a lady, uncovering her to be another lady, not Juliette. Geran got the flat number stirred up. Casey undermines Geran, yet Geran censures him with a firearm. While this is going on, a man at the track writings Kahl.

This same man goes into the animal dwellingplace, shoots Geran and thumps out Casey. He ties up Casey, however Casey escapes and slaughters the man with an extensive snare. Casey takes the cash, gets into Geran's auto and snoozes off for a couple of minutes where he dreams that Juliette is in the auto with him. Casey awakens when his telephone rings. It's Kahl, who discloses to Casey that he has something he needs. Casey orchestrates an exchange off: Juliette for the cash. Back in the horse shelter, Geran awakens, still alive.

Casey makes it to the area of the exchange off: a neighborhood bar, and reunites with Juliette. Casey indicates Kahl the cash. In the wake of having seen the cash, Kahl reveals to Juliette that she can go, however for Casey to stay, with the goal that they can "deal with a few matters." Geran blasts into the bar and holds a weapon on Kahl. Geran followed the auto through GPS, which is the manner by which he discovered the area of the exchange off.

Geran takes a seat at a table opposite Kahl. Geran orders Casey to get him a drink. The police appear outside, to which Casey confesses to having called them. The police dispatch a smoke projectile into the bar, prompting Geran trading fire with the police. Casey and Juliette escape out the back of the bar with the cash, while Kahl escapes out the back of the bar into a holding up auto. Geran remains to trade gunfire with the police, who instantly execute him.

Being sought after by Kahl's primary colleague, Casey and Juliette escape to a prepare station. Casey advises Juliette to get on a prepare with the cash as he surrenders himself to be captured and Kahl's thug is gunned around the police. Casey is examined by the police and gives them the area of Kahl's truck to the police, so that Kahl can be uncovered as a medication ruler (since his name is on the truck itself) and can be captured, which is what happens.

Some time later, Casey looks as Juliette goes in for her surgery at the clinic.
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