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In Delhi, business visionary Akash Oberoi (Amit Sadh) is confronting the warmth from his financial specialists about his 'Master Take Down' blended combative technique (MMA) wander which is tumbling in India. Baffled, Akash chats with his dad Mr. Oberoi (Parikshit Sahni), who discloses to him his MMA wander needs a desi natural Indian wrestler who will pound outside warriors to tidy. He focuses him towards Sultan in Haryana's Rewari, whom he had seen wrestling before and winning a few titles.

Akash leaves for Rewari and discovers Sultan (Salman Khan) working in the Jal Nigam (State Water Board) now, an overweight, discouraged looking man who awes Akash by lifting a tractor yet who out and out rejects Akash's offer and discloses to him he's quit battling. Akash meets Govind, Sultan's closest companion, who discloses to him the reason is Sultan's romantic tale - with Aarfa (Anushka Sharma). The motion picture moves into a flashback.

Eight years back, while kite-going through Rewari, Sultan, who maintains a little dish TV business, slams into Aarfa and hits her, reasoning a man is wearing her bike cap and driving. Aarfa, who's a wrestler preparing at her dad Barkat's Jaanbaaz Akhaara (exercise center), pummels Sultan - who speedily becomes hopelessly enamored with her. Sultan's grandma urges him to tell Aarfa while his dad objects. In any case, Sultan, who takes after Aarfa into a wedding and sings to her, admits his affection to Aarfa who lets him know in English he'd be known as a 'cit-fellow'. Sultan thinks this is a compliment - till Govind reveals to him it signifies "poop fellow."

Sultan then joins Barkat's akhaara, first donating blood before Aarfa, who discovers he's an uncommon 'O Negative, and prepares to be a wrestler. Aarfa becomes friendlier towards him, and they begin going here and there the town together. Sultan takes Aarfa to meet Govind and his different companions one day, and they address Aarfa as "bhabhi" (sister-in-law). Aarfa is enraged with Sultan and discloses to him he should not be thinking and talking like this as she, preparing to be an Olympic star, will never acknowledge a town yokel who has no objectives.

Sultan is pulverized however taking after his dad's recommendation, begins preparing with assurance - and wins a state-level title, incorporating into a weight classification twofold his. Both Aarfa and Barkat are awed, and Aarfa consents to wed Sultan. They have a happy nikaah/marriage and prepare together, winning rivalries at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, the Asian Games, making a trip to Hungary for a global title and getting a charge out of life.

At that point, Aarfa finds she is pregnant. Her dad is irritated about her missing out on wrestling, yet Aarfa is cheerful at Sultan's delight. Sultan continues wrestling and wins significant world rivalries - including gold at the London Olympics. By then, he's turn out to be to a great degree self-important, applauding himself continually, regularly disregarding Aarfa and his older folks, notwithstanding slapping a journalist. He discloses to Aarfa he just needs a child kid and that he won't drop out of a big showdown in Turkey, despite the fact that it implies voyaging exactly when Aarfa's infant is expected.

While Sultan contends and wins in Turkey, Aarfa has her child. Be that as it may, when Sultan returns, he discovers Aarfa broke, disclosing to him the infant Aman, having the same as Sultan's uncommon 'O negative' blood amass, required blood which wasn't locally accessible in the town and as his own dad wasn't there, the tyke couldn't be spared. Aarfa leaves Sultan, who is totally broken and quits wrestling, attempting rather to gather cash for a nearby blood donation center to be inherent the name of their tyke.

Govind discloses to Akash this and Akash bids to Sultan's longing for the blood donation center, which is not being supported by the neighborhood legislator. Akash tells Sultan on the off chance that he wins a MMA battle, he can instantly construct the blood donation center. Sultan consents to battle and discloses to Aarfa he adores her, and she ought to appeal to God for him - and them. He gathers earth from the akhaara and leaves for Delhi.

In Delhi, Sultan's being overweight and moderately aged makes the financial specialists unsteady. Akash persuades them to try Sultan out and furthermore discovers him a neighborhood support, Kukreja Pressure Cookers. Akash takes Sultan to Fateh Singh (Randeep Hooda), a MMA coach in Old Delhi, who had prior spoilt his own particular vocation with doping and medications, yet now prepares champion MMA stars. Fateh Singh insults Sultan about his weight and pity and declines to prepare him. He at last concurs when Sultan, headed to activity by his abuse, overcomes his present star.

Sultan starts a tiring instructional meeting with Fateh Singh. There is a protracted montage of him preparing.

The MMA Tournament commences, and Sultan awes the media at a public interview with his quietude and tender mind. His adversaries are extremely forceful, and Sultan turns into the mainstream underdog. As he battles a few relentless MMA specialists, his entire town cheers and his fans develop, yet Aarfa remains reserved. Forlorn, Sultan, invests his free energy watching his wedding video. The one night he goes out with Akash to praise the last's birthday, he sings a tune about Aarfa, which circulates around the web on the web, labeling Sultan 'Romeo Wrestler' too.

By day, Sultan continues winning challenges, in spite of the fact that by a thin edge. One day, as he's gravely harmed in the ring, he envisions Aarfa empowering him, and he confronts battle back and is triumphant. Be that as it may, his wounds are not kidding, and he's encouraged to pull back from the challenge finale.Govind, who's helping Sultan, calls Aarfa promptly to Delhi and she comes to. Sultan and Aarfa at last talk and excuse each other. She discloses to him he should battle this battle and not surrender.

Sultan goes up against MMA lord Marcus, who whips him seriously in the ring. In any case, as Sultan goes down, he recollects their kid's unfilled bed and his surrendering his Olympic gold without further ado. Aarfa in the interim is sitting in the locker room, imploring, while the akhaara earth begins to tumble from its pack.

Sultan gets up and battles Marcus - and wins.

Aarfa comes into the stadium, and Sultan leaves his trophy to grasp her. Together, they open an Aman blood donation center in their town and backpedal to preparing together. Aarfa wins a prestigious title and finds she is pregnant once more. Sultan approaches her for a young lady this time and soon, the upbeat couple are preparing - alongside their charming little girl.
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