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The film opens at a well for Terravex, an oil organization. Chief Reece Tenneson (Rob Lowe) goes to the well and converses with Dr. Jim Dowd (Thomas Lennon) since this well is not pumping oil. As they research the blockage, another researcher finds a water take beneath the earth that may demonstrate the likelihood of a biological community living down there. The water weight then begins to destabilize. The well blasts and three beasts fly out.

Tenneson contracts a man named Burke (Holt McCallany) to catch the creatures. Two are taken in yet one of them has gotten away and is stowing away inside a truck.

We meet secondary school understudy Tripp (Lucas Till). He lives with his mother Cindy (Amy Ryan) and her sweetheart Rick (Barry Pepper), who is the town's sheriff. Tripp needs simply to escape town and accomplish something all alone. He fills in as a workman for Mr. Climates (Danny Glover), who has acquired the truck that the missing beast is stowing away in.

During the evening, Tripp goes into the carport to mess around with a truck that he needs to repair. He sees a news report with his offended father Wade (Frank Whaley) detailing from close to the oil well in the wake of seeing the occurrence from the earlier night. Tripp then hears a clamor and sees one van in the carport with an opening where the gas tank used to be.

At school, Tripp rides his bicycle and converses with Meredith (Jane Levy), a young lady in his class who should mentor him. He then keeps running into his companion Sam (Tucker Albrizzi), and they see individuals accumulated around another auto with an opening in the gas tank.

In the carport around evening time, Tripp hears a snarling commotion by the oil canisters. He experiences the missing creature and stows away in the basement before catching it in there. He calls for help, prompting Rick and some of his men to stop by an examine. Be that as it may, the beast is gone when they look in the basement. Rick blames Tripp for deceiving cause inconvenience.

The following night, Tripp gets some oil canisters to bait the creature out. The creature shows up as a huge, squid-like blob. It begins to feast upon the oil yet then almost gets pounded under a compactor after Tripp drops the switch and it breaks. Tripp hauls it out in time. Despite the fact that somewhat antagonistic at to begin with, the beast warms up to Tripp, and they begin to have a great time by tossing things at the Terravex.

Burke goes to the police headquarters to make a few inquiries about the beast since it was accounted for as being spotted. Both he and Rick butt heads over their worries with respect to the creature.

Tripp tries to keep the creature avoided everybody. Burke stops by the shop making inquiries, however Tripp denies that he's seen what Burke and his goons are searching for. In the wake of getting them out of the carport, Tripp discovers Meredith stopping by as she was searching for him yet came strolling. She requests a ride home, yet Tripp reveals to her he can't take her. At the point when the creature, who is stowing away in Tripp's truck, begins snarling and making commotions, it stimulates the doubt of Burke. Tripp gets Meredith and jumps in the truck so they can get out. Burke and his men begin tailing them, and the beast begins to take control of the truck to make tracks in an opposite direction from the lowlifess. Meredith sees the beast, which Tripp has chosen to name Creech. She's went ballistic at first however then observes that Creech is safe. She gives Tripp a chance to conceal Creech out in a stable close to her home.

Dowd has been doing research on the other two beasts. He confirms that they encourage off oil and that they are very insightful.

Tripp and Meredith mess around with Creech as Tripp chooses to utilize him as a motor for the truck. Tripp adjusts the truck to fit Creech and to keep him covered up. He and Meredith take Creech out and stop for gas. Be that as it may, since gas has a bigger number of chemicals than normal oil, Creech goes wild and begins riding like insane through town, making loads of harm different autos and pulverizing a whole part of autos by riding over them.

Back at Terravex, Dowd keeps on investigating the other two beasts, and has even built up a warmth for them. Tenneson says that they plan to harm the well that the animals originated from.

Tripp and Meredith stop by where Wade works. Tripp tries to converse with him about his circumstance, yet Wade rather offers them out to Burke. At the point when Burke undermines Tripp to surrender Creech, the creature takes control of the truck. Tripp and Meredith bounce in, and Tripp has Creech smash through Wade's trailer. Burke and his goons pursue them, while Rick is in interest after they ride into town. Creech figures out how to scale the dividers and sneak over Rick to stay away from location. The pack hangs out close to Meredith's home for the night.

In the morning, Creech is gone. Since Tripp left his telephone in the truck, Meredith utilizes an application to track it. It drives them to Terravex. They discover Creech has rejoined with the other two creatures, who end up being his folks. Tripp and Meredith get got while the creatures are caught, and Tenneson eradicates any hint of the beasts from their telephones. Dowd escorts the two out of the building, yet he discloses to them he needs to help them since he thinks about the creatures.

With assistance from Sam and Mr. Climates, Tripp gets two more trucks that he and his companions repair to oblige the beasts. They take the trucks back to Terravex and break out Creech and his folks. Tripp, Meredith, and Dowd ride toward the oil well over the beast environment as Burke and his goons tail them. Rick gets in on it as well, yet Burke smashes his auto down a slope. Rick then gets inside a bigger vehicle to run Burke's goons off the street. The three trucks make it to the oil well, however the specialists have as of now bored down with the toxic substance. Burke tries to push Tripp and Creech into an opening, yet Creech gets Burke's truck and indulgences it into the boring machine, stopping the harming. Tripp and Creech fall into the gap yet arrive in water. Creech hauls Tripp out of the truck. Tripp sees whatever is left of Creech's family as he and his folks rejoin them. Tripp says farewell to Creech.

Tenneson and his buddies are captured for their messy deeds. Tripp and Rick are presently on great terms and have repaired the truck to improve it look. Tripp and Meredith then go for a ride through town.
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