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Fifty Shades Darker 2017 Torrent
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    Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson
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The film begins with Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) having a bad dream about his adolescence. He catches his mom being mishandled by his dad. Youthful Christian stows away, however his dad discovers him and plans to mishandle him with his cigarette.

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) has found another occupation at the distributing firm Seattle Independent Publishing as a partner to her manager Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson). Christian sends her blooms to salute her. She is going to toss them out yet chooses to keep them. As Ana is out around town, she is trailed by an interesting lady (Bella Heathcote).

That night, Ana goes to a craftsmanship appear for her companion Jose (Victor Rasuk). She's startled to discover six pictures of herself dangling from the dividers. The workmanship executive then methodologies Jose to reveal to him that someone has purchased every one of the six pictures. Obviously it's Christian. He approaches Ana and needs to settle their relationship over supper. Ana concurs simply because she's eager.

Over supper, Christian discloses that he needs to take Ana back, and he will consult with her on her terms. She simply needs him to not perpetrate his overwhelming wishes upon her, to which he concurs. In the long run, they reestablish their relationship and begin having unusual sex once more.

Jack welcomes Ana out for beverages. Before meeting with Jack, Ana is drawn closer by the lady who was taking after her. She knows Ana's name and says little before Jack pulls Ana away. Christian discovers them in the bar and is suspicious of Jack's actual expectations when he finds Jack acting a bit coquettish toward Ana. Later at home, Christian illuminates Ana that he purchased SIP and will basically be her and Jack's manager. Ana isn't excessively excited at this idea.

Ana sees the same unusual lady out in the city while out for breakfast with Christian. She asks him who the lady is. At Christian's home, he brings out a record with photos of this lady. Her name is Leila Williams, and she was a previous resigned of Christian's. She needed more from the relationship than Christian, so they went separate ways. Leila got hitched to another man, however he later passed on in a fender bender, prompting Leila having a breakdown. Ana inquires as to whether he has a document on her also. Without an answer, she know he does and requests to see it.

In Christian's room, Ana sees a photo of his introduction to the world mother, who marginally takes after Ana. Christian specifies that she was a split someone who is addicted who passed on of an overdose when he was 4 and was not found for three days while he remained with her body. He later met his stepmother Grace (Marcia Gay Harden) at the doctor's facility, and she would later watch over the kid.

Christian welcomes Ana to a ball. He takes her to a salon in readiness and keeps running into Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger), the lady that got Christian into the BDSM way of life. Ana is none excessively glad since she knows Elena was Christian's predominant. Christian guarantees Ana that Elena is only a business accomplice since they co-possess the salon. It does nothing to facilitate Ana's psyche.

Before they take off to the ball, Christian takes out Ben Wa balls for Ana to put in her vagina for steady delight amid the gathering. He then discloses to her it is a disguise ball. The two meet with Grace and Christian's receptive sister Mia (Rita Ora). They sit for an offering to an extravagance get-away, which Ana wins when she offers $24,000 that Christian had moved into her financial balance. In the lavatory, Elena approaches Ana and urges her to sever it with Christian before them two get hurt. Ana advises Elena to allow them to sit unbothered.

In the parking structure at Christian's home, he and Ana find that Ana's auto has been vandalized.

Ana and Christian later go on their sentimental getaway on Christian's pontoon, which he named after Grace.

Back at work, Jack is more frosty to Ana subsequent to learning Christian is her sweetheart. He reminds her to set up a meeting in New York amongst himself and different distributers, in addition to get a space for herself since his partner should be with him. Afterward, Jack tries to lure Ana in his office yet falls off like a predator. Ana kicks Jack where it really hurts and comes up short on the building. Christian is outside as Ana keeps running into his arms revealing to him what Jack attempted to do. Christian later has Jack let go.

With Jack out of the picture, Ana is given a brief position to his old occupation as acting supervisor. She goes to a meeting with the higher-ups and offers a recommendation that they connect with a more extensive statistic rather than simply distributing to built up perusers.

Christian requests that Ana move in with her, and she concurs. As they go to get Ana's stuff from her place, Leila is there, having been stalking both Ana and Christian. Leila hauls out a weapon. Ana tries to appease her by making it appear like Christian still thinks about her. Christian and his bodyguard Taylor (Max Martini) land after Leila has officially discharged a shot at the divider. Christian requests Leila to get on her knees, and she quickly complies. Ana thinks Christian can't get off without being predominant, and she goes out for quite a long time. In the interim, Leila is sent to a psych ward to get offer assistance.

At the point when Ana returns home, Christian is pissed at her until Ana clarifies her emotions toward his strength. He then swings easygoing to Ana and gets on his knees with the goal that she won't abandon him. Ana gives in and they go off to engage in sexual relations.

Christian has another bad dream while Ana is wakeful. She heads toward solace him in bed. He then requests that Ana wed him, however she doesn't give an answer since she needs time to consider.

Christian runs with a business accomplice to an outing in Portland. As he comes back from the outing, his helicopter's motor separates, making them collide with a timberland. Ana hears the news while out for beverages with Kate (Eloise Mumford), Elliott (Luke Grimes), and Jose. Ana holds up and watches the news with Christian's family. Similarly as it is accounted for that Christian was discovered, he strolls into the flat. Everybody grasps him.

Ana later discovers from Mia that Christian's birthday is coming up, as he neglected to specify. Ana gets him a keychain with "Yes!" composed on the back, which means she has acknowledged his proposition. Christian is elated.

The couple go to a birthday party for Christian. He declares his and Ana's engagement to the entire party. Elena later goes up against Ana and blames her for being after Christian's cash and not really cherishing him. Ana tosses her savor Elena's face. Christian requests her to clear out. Effortlessness catches the encounter and slaps Elena before requesting she go out.

Christian takes Ana to a close-by boat storage where he proposes with a genuine wedding band. She acknowledges, and firecrackers begin to pop. The couple join Christian's family to watch the firecrackers together. In the interim, over the lake, Jack is viewing the firecrackers and watches truly exhausted. He holds a photo of the Gray family and copies out Christian's face with a cigarette.

After the credits, there is a concise mystery for "Fifty Shades Freed", which sees Ana and Christian going to get hitched, in addition to the guarantee of more unusual sex.
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