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    Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen
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The film opens with Logan (Hugh Jackman) awakening in the back of a limo. He sluggishly falters out and finds a group attempting to vandalize the auto. Logan tranquilly endeavors to mediate, yet one of the men impacts him with a shotgun. Logan gets go down and breaks the paws out, however one hook doesn't withdraw the distance. He battles the posse however they begin pummeling him. Logan winds up noticeably maddened and begins cutting off appendages and wounding the pack individuals until a couple of them escape.

It is 2029. Logan is no longer a similar warrior he once was. The adamantium in his body is gradually murdering him, and his recovery power isn't functioning and also it used to. He is one of the last mutants left alive, and he should bring home the bacon as a limo driver. He likewise conveys an adamantium slug with him on the off chance that he ever chooses to end it all.

Logan is at a burial service with one of his customers. He is drawn closer by a lady named Gabriela Lopez (Elizabeth Rodriguez). She requests Logan's help yet he impolitely dismisses her. Gabriela heads out, and a young lady glances back at Logan.

A man enters Logan's limo one morning. His name is Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). He thinks about the slaughtering of the posse individuals, and in addition Logan being drawn nearer by Gabriela. Puncture likewise knows about Logan dealing with Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) south of the outskirt. Puncture claims he just needs something of his that Gabriela has. He hands Logan a card and instructs him to call him when he discovers Gabriela once more. The card peruses "Salt Transigen", which rankles Logan.

Logan travels south of the outskirt to a relinquished plant where he and the visionary mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) are dealing with Charles. He is feeble and experiences seizures that deliver seismic waves therefore of his cerebrum worsening. Logan must direct a serum to monitor Xavier. Xavier has turned out to be broken since the loss of his school and kindred X-Men, saying that Logan is quite recently sitting tight for him to bite the dust.

Logan is out working and gets a warning for two travelers. He goes a motel to lift them up and discovers it is Gabriela with the young lady, Laura (Dafne Keen), whom Gabriela says is her little girl. Gabriela entreats Logan to help them, however he is uninterested in getting required in their business. Gabriela offers him $50,000 to help them get over the outskirt from North Dakota to Canada. She gives him an envelope with $20,000 inside and arranges composed on it.

Logan gets a content back home from Gabriela. He comes back to the motel and finds that Gabriela has been slaughtered, and Laura is mysteriously absent.

After returning home, Logan sees that Laura has discovered them. Charles is captivated by her since he knows she has something amazing. Logan knows they are in risk. Penetrate drops by to get Laura. She tosses a pipe at his take and thumps him off. Logan has Caliban take Pierce and dump him in a discard. At the point when Caliban goes to do as such, Pierce awakens and his group of Reavers show up and catch him. The Reavers then go toward Logan and Charles' area. Two Reavers enter to get Laura. After some hullabaloo, Laura ventures out with a Reaver's head and moves it toward Pierce. Laura then strides forward and has two adamantium hooks leave each hand. She begins butchering Reavers left and right, and she even uses a foot hook on an assailant. Logan gets in on the battle and removes Charles and Laura from that point.

Caliban is taken by the Reavers and tormented when Pierce opens him to daylight (his skin is exceptionally delicate to the light). Penetrate orders Caliban to utilize his following forces to find the trio.

Logan, Charles, and Laura stop by a comfort store and look through Gabriela's telephone to see a video she took about Transigen's tests. Driven by Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Give) in Mexico, the group was making mutant kids from the DNA of perished mutants and rearing them to end up plainly super fighters. It turns out Gabriela was Laura's medical caretaker, not mother. The telephone bites the dust before Logan can see any longer.

In the store, Laura gets a few chips, a drink, and shades. The assistant (Dave Davis) endeavors to prevent Laura from shoplifting, just for her to flip him over and about stick her paws in him until Logan ventures in. He takes a telephone charger and a stogie before taking off.

At the point when the telephone energizes, Logan watches whatever is left of the video. Gabriela recorded that Rice and his group were making X-24, a mutant more effective and savage than the others they made. At the point when the group needed to dispose of the youngsters, Gabriela helped them escape so they can make it to a mutant haven called Eden. In the video's last minutes, Gabriela concedes she's not Laura's mom, but rather she cherishes her everything the same, and she addresses Logan, saying she is his little girl and imploring him to deal with her.

The trio go through Oklahoma City and remain in a lodging. Logan finds that Laura has been perusing "X-Men" funnies and has gotten it in her mind that Eden is genuine, in view of a page in which the directions to Eden are similar ones composed on the envelope Gabriela gave him. Logan leaves Laura with Charles and advises her to give him two pills. Ground floor, Logan sees that the Reavers have discovered them. Charles then has another seizure, prompting everybody except Logan and Laura to be stuck in an incapacitated state. Logan battles to make it to the room and should actually paw his way through the Reavers that have officially made it into the room. He wounds them all before infusing Charles with the serum. They escape with Laura.

The trio hit the street once more. A radio report specifies the occurrence at the lodging, alongside something that occurred in Westchester a year back, however Logan turns it off before Charles can hear any longer. They are about keep running off the street by two trucks that take up the street. Another truck is swerved off to the side, alongside the truck of stallions they were conveying. The steeds begin running over the road, so Charles persuades Logan to help them. Charles utilizes his forces to take the stallions back to the family securely. Logan helps the family push their truck out of the dump. They present themselves as the Munsons - Will (Eriq La Salle), Kathryn (Elise Neal), and Nate (Quincy Fouse). Kathryn welcomes the trio to eat in their home that night, and Charles acknowledges in the interest of Logan.

The trio eat with the Munsons. Logan needs to leave instantly, yet Kathryn offers them protect for the night. Logan concurs for Charles' purpose. The water pump is botched up, so Logan joins Will in going to settle it. After they prevent the pump from spilling out in the field, they are stood up to by a gathering of hicks that have some control of that piece of the land. They attempt to bug Logan and Will with their rifles until Logan smacks one of them in the face with the rifle and breaks it over his knee.

Back at the house, somebody giving off an impression of being Logan reveals to Charles they ought to go, however Charles feels Laura ought to rest more. Charles then recalls what happened a year back in Westchester. It's inferred that he endured a seizure that executed a large portion of his kindred X-Men. Logan then puts his hooks through Charles' trunk. It turns out this is not Logan, but rather X-24, a more youthful clone of Logan. X-24 takes Laura and after that executes Nate and Kathryn before Logan and Will get back home. Will runs upstairs however X-24 paws him. Logan hurries to get Charles.

Outside, the Reavers have touched base with Pierce and Rice, alongside the hicks that alienated Will. They carry a bigger gathering with them to strike back, however X-24 murders every one of them. In the interim, Logan sets Charles down as he kicks the bucket. As X-24 tries to convey Laura to his lords, Caliban, still hostage in the Reaver van, sets off two explosives, murdering himself and another Reaver, while Pierce is tossed out of the van. Logan battles X-24 and is almost overwhelmed until Will rams into X-24 with his van. He shoots him more than once and afterward tries to turn the firearm on Logan, yet the weapon is out of projectiles, and Will crumples dead. Logan takes Laura and Charles' body, and they leave.

In the morning, Rice and his group deal with the wrongdoing scene while helping X-24 recover.

Logan covers Charles in the forested areas with Laura remaining close by. He heads toward the truck and begins crushing it in rage before he goes out.

Logan awakens in a center. The specialist knows he's a mutant and needs to help him, realizing that the adamantium is executing him. Logan rejects his help, and he removes Laura from there. They go to another truck that Laura stole. Logan expresses gratitude toward Laura for her help, and she at long last talks by reacting in Spanish. Laura then says her companions from Transigen and that they should discover them so they can all go to Eden.

The two make it to Eden, where every one of the youngsters from Transigen are stowing away. Their pioneer is Rictor (Jason Genao). They give Logan and Laura shield so Logan can rest up. The children trick Logan by trimming his facial hair while he rests. He is not interested. Rictor gives Logan a serum that was utilized on them at Transigen which can help Logan re-invigorate.

The Reavers track Logan and the youngsters' area. Penetrate and his goons begin to round up the kids. Logan takes the majority of the serum and keeps running into the forested areas to battle. A portion of the youngsters utilize their forces against the Reavers, yet the kids are dwarfed. Logan and Laura butcher the Reavers until Rictor and alternate children are held at gunpoint. Rice ventures out and acquaints himself with Logan and advises him that he slaughtered Rice's dad when he initially played out the trial that transformed Logan into Wolverine. As Rice talks, Logan just shoots him dead and after that follows Pierce. Puncture unleashes X-24 on Logan. He tries to get away, however the youngsters utilize their aggregate forces (solidifying, shocking, earth-bowing, and so on.) to slaughter Pierce.

The serum in Logan's body wears off before he battles X-24. The two hook at each other until X-24 pierces Logan on a tree. Laura takes the adamantium projectile Logan gave her and she utilizes it to blow X-24's brains out. She hurries to Logan and chops him down from the tree. Logan investigates Laura's eyes as she sorrowfully calls him "Daddy". And after that, he is no more.

The kids cover Logan, and Laura says some last words for him. They then take off to cross the outskirt. Before she leaves, Laura takes the cross on Logan's grave and turns it sideways with the goal that it can resemble a X.
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