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Fist Fight 2017 Torrent
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    Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan
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When one school teacher unwittingly causes another teacher's dismissal, he is challenged to an after-school fight.

It's the latest day for understudies and staff at Roosevelt High School. The seniors are wild and uncontrollable, setting off tricks on their colleagues and instructors. English instructor Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) has his parking space taken by an understudy on a bike, and he is excessively quiet and delicate, making it impossible to make a move. History instructor Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) is the most dreaded educator in school. He gets two young men taking a prized bat from the school's enclosure and supplanted it with a PC so they can watch porn. Strickland orders them to return the bat and leave.

A portion of the instructors are concerned in light of the fact that they have assessments soon thereafter that will decide the destiny of their occupations. Campbell specifically is stressed on the grounds that he and his significant other Maggie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) are expecting their second kid. Campbell gets tricked in his class when understudies draw dicks on his board. He gets hauled out by direction guide Holly Grossman (Jillian Bell) to tell him that a portion of the other English instructors have become canned, so his occupation may be sheltered.

In the educators relax, Campbell, Holly, and their companion Coach Crawford (Tracy Morgan) examine the likelihood of losing their occupations when one instructor who had worked their for a long time has recently gotten let go. He gets ready to take some stuff from the parlor until Strickland shows up and alarms him. Strickland tries to utilize the new espresso machine while grumbling that the school's financial plan goes to idiotic stuff. Campbell demonstrates to him best practices to work the espresso machine, yet Strickland doesn't care for how the espresso turns out.

Campbell gets an understudy jolting off in the lavatory. He tries to inspire him to stop however is caught by dramatization educator Ms. Monet (Christina Hendricks). She looks at Campbell as a sick person taking after this experience.

On his approach to class, Campbell is ceased by Strickland since he needs assistance in the class with AV gear. Campbell says he can't and needs to go to class, yet Strickland stops him before he gets hit with some paint that the understudies set up as a trick. Campbell then chooses to go and assist in the class. Strickland is playing a video on a VCR yet sees that the photo will play for a few moments before killing. Campbell sees that one understudy, Neil (Austin Zajur), is playing a trick by utilizing a remote application on his telephone to kill the TV. Strickland takes his telephone and crushes it against the writing slate. As they resume the film, a young lady passes her telephone to Neil to proceed with the trick. When he does it once more, Strickland leaves the classroom and comes back with a fire hatchet. The understudies flee blew a gasket as Strickland swings down around Neil's work area and slashes it to bits.

Strickland and Campbell are called into Principal Tyler's (Dean Norris) office after he catches wind of the occurrence. Strickland reveals to Campbell they have to stick together as instructors. Be that as it may, Tyler undermines to flame them two on the off chance that he doesn't find a reasonable solution. Campbell gives in and points the finger at Strickland, bringing about Strickland getting let go. As payback, Strickland challenges Campbell to a battle soon thereafter after school.

Before long, word spreads around the school that the two instructors will battle each other. Individuals spread bits of gossip around in the matter of why Strickland is so dreaded. They say he's an ex-cop, Special Forces, or only a plain old insane executioner fellow. Holly and Crawford are certain that Strickland will slaughter Campbell with one punch. Campbell tries to do what he can to abstain from anything from happening.

Ms. Monet approaches Strickland subsequent to catching wind of the battle. Since she supposes Campbell is a sick person, she recommends to Strickland that he utilize a blade against Campbell.

Campbell tries to get Neil to take his assertion back on the classroom episode. Neil requests a MacBook Pro consequently. Edgy, Campbell hurries to the closest PC store to get it. He keeps running into Maggie and their little girl Ally (Alexa Nisenson). Maggie is stressed that Campbell is there on the grounds that he lost his occupation due to not staying up for himself, which Ally concurs with. At the point when gotten some information about the PC, Campbell passes it off as an amazement for Maggie. Partner advises him that he is helping her with an ability indicate execution later, however rather than their practiced move to a "Lease" tune, she needs to utilize a Big Sean tune since she is stressed over getting tormented by another young lady. Campbell concurs and after that needs to run and get another MacBook.

Campbell and Neil reveal to Tyler that the occurrence was made up with the goal that Strickland can recover his occupation. Both Campbell and Strickland are called into the Model UN space for an intercession. Campbell reveals to Strickland the issue was settled and he recovered his occupation, however Strickland is considerably more distraught over this since Campbell didn't converse with him about it. The battle is still on.

Campbell makes a 911 call to report the looming beatdown. The administrators on the flip side snicker when Campbell discloses to them he's an educator going to get beaten by another instructor.

Campbell begins to have a breakdown in his classroom. He succumbs to a trick (truly) when the understudies put rope around his feet and utilize a stallion doped up on meth to drag him out of the class and get splashed with paint. Crawford got showered too. Campbell then chooses he's had enough and needs to put a conclusion to the babble. He wants to set Strickland up by planting drugs in his classroom and getting him captured.

Campbell gets what is accepted to be molly from Neil. On his way to Strickland's class, he keeps running into Tyler, who reveals to him his assessment is presently at 2:15, just before Ally's show. Campbell plants the medications in Strickland's class and sits tight for the cops outside with Holly and Crawford. The medication sniffing pooch neglects to sniff the medications, and the cops take off. Holly takes out a joint, which Campbell gets and keeps running into the class with so he can bait the cops back. Strickland is now in the class and realizes what Campbell is doing. Campbell lights the joint and brings back the cops in addition to grounds security monitor Mehar (Kumail Nanjiani). Both Strickland and Campbell get captured.

In their cell, Campbell points the finger at Strickland for getting them into this wreckage. Campbell heads toward an expansive prisoner (Winston James Francis) and discloses to him that Strickland called him a bitch and that he needs to battle him. He advises the huge person to pay special mind to Strickland gesturing as the flag. Campbell backpedals over to Strickland to affect things, yet Strickland says the battle is off since he just did it to demonstrate a point in that the school couldn't care less about what goes on if understudies are circling wildly, and that Campbell isn't man enough to battle. At the point when Campbell tries to illuminate that the battle is off, Strickland gestures, bringing the enormous prisoner over. Strickland understands that Campbell set them up, so he brings down the enormous person with a sleeper hold and discloses to Campbell the battle is still on. A cop comes over and says the folks are allowed to go on the grounds that the molly was truly headache medicine.

It's currently 2:00. Campbell surges back to the school for his assessment. Crawford turns out and reveals to Campbell that he, Holly, and Monet have all gotten let go. Campbell is compelled to hold up outside when it is about 2:30, which means he will be late for Ally's show. Campbell canal boats into Tyler's office and sees him tuning in to a story from the director (Dennis Haysbert). Tyler says that they've let go enough educators for the day and must talk about forthcoming changes to the school. At the point when Campbell solicits, Tyler says it's none from his business. Campbell at long last puts his foot down and reprimands Tyler and the administrator for making him hold up outside and attempting to hurt the school significantly more. He reveals to them they suck at their employments and he takes off.

Campbell hurries to Ally's school and comes in as she has done an abandoned solo execution of the "Lease" tune. He heads toward Maggie and gets the DJ to play the Big Sean tune. Campbell converses with Ally and apologizes for being late. They go out in front of an audience to play the tune. What Campbell didn't know is that the melody Ally needs to play is "I Don't Fuck With You", which Ally coordinates to her domineering jerk, Trisha. Another educator removes the music, however whatever is left of the children love Ally's execution. Campbell is glad for her and keeps running off to the battle.

The whole understudy body is assembled outside for the enormous battle. Campbell is brightened on for appearing. He confronts Strickland and the battle starts. Strickland gets the primary punch effectively, however Campbell gets recovered and gets some great swings in there. He nibbles Strickland's leg and furthermore gets him with a stapler. Strickland utilizes more compel in the battle, yet Campbell doesn't remain down. He keeps running again into the school, and everybody takes after. Campbell handles Strickland to the ground. He then gets a fire quencher to shower Strickland and after that whack him over the head with it, bringing him down. The understudies and staff root for Campbell as he keeps running outside, just for Strickland to return and punch his lights out. Maggie then calls, and Strickland answers the telephone. Strickland awakens Campbell to educate him that Maggie is starting to give birth. He pulls Campbell up and takes him to the healing facility.

Campbell goes to Maggie's space to meet with her. He clarifies everything he's been during that time and that he is at long last going to support himself. They then prepare for the infant.

At some point over the late spring, the Campbells are having a grill with Holly, Crawford, and different companions. Partner is currently more prominent with alternate children. Tyler shows up and reveals to Campbell that the battle pulled in a ton of thoughtfulness regarding the school board, and he should ask both him and Strickland to come back to work, since his own employment now relies on upon it. Campbell consents to return on one condition.

It's currently the start of the new school year. Campbell got Tyler to rehire Holly, Crawford, and Monet. Strickland comes back to the occupation with more regard for Campbell. The two recognize a child singling out another child, and they both send the principal child to confinement. The two then take off to instruct their ne
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