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    Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara
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A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia; 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.

In view of A TRUE STORY. We see different shots of a city in Central India. Five-year-old Saroo (Sunny Pawar) is remaining on top of a ridge, taking a gander at a swarm of butterflies. His more established sibling, Guddu, urges him to tag along. Guddu sneaks on top of a coal prepare and takes coal. Saroo goes along with him. An officer hollers at them and Saroo bounced off, after the prepare experiences a passage. Guddu hails Saroo's jump.

Saroo and Guddu go into the town to offer the coal. We are revealed to it's KHANDWA VILLAGE in 1986. Saroo sees hot peppers available to be purchased and notes that he needs a few; Guddu reveals to him he will have some sometime in the not so distant future. Right now, they are just ready to get some drain and some cash. They return back to their town and locate their younger sibling, Shekila and their mom Kamla. Kamla asks where they got the drain. They don't give her an answer.

The following day, Kamla leaves to gather rocks which she accomplishes as a profession. Guddu will leave for seven days to help lift parcels of roughage and Saroo requests that he take him along. Guddu first calls attention to that Saroo needs to remain with Shekila yet he discloses to her their mother will be with her. He then discloses to Saroo it's too overwhelming for him to lift parcels of roughage so Saroo goes outside and lifts different items, including his bicycle. Guddu at last consents to give Saroo a chance to tag along. They stroll among the prepare tracks to the following city. They get to the adjacent prepare station late around evening time, which winds up noticeably empty after the last prepare of the night arrives. Saroo says he's drained and needs to rest so he sets down on a seat. Guddu remarks that Saroo is too youthful to be in any way ready to persevere night work and he shouldn't have brought him. He discloses to Saroo he will keep an eye on the work site and says he'll be back for him. Guddu ventures down into the now exhaust prepare tracks, with a mammoth water tower out yonder, while Saroo backpedals to rest. When he awakens, his sibling isn't there.

Saroo strolls the prepare yard getting out for his sibling. He checks out a prepare. The following morning, we see Saroo has slithered onto the prepare and nodded off. It barrels through India. He gets out for Guddu, expecting he should be on the prepare, yet nobody is there with him. Saroo rapidly realizes there are bars on the window and no real way to exit in the compartment he's in. The prepare goes through a city and he shouts at somebody to help him get out; an Indian kid just gazes at him, unmoving. A declaration is made at prepare stations that the prepare is out of operation and not conveying travelers so the prepare won't stop. At the point when the prepare at last stops, it's in CALCUTTA, 1600 kilometers (1000 miles) far from Saroo's home. Saroo is swarmed by individuals boarding the prepare as he ventures off and gets out for his sibling. He holds up in line to address the business specialists at the ticket offices, disclosing to them he is attempting to return to Ganeshtalay. They don't know where that he is and they just speak Bangladesh so Saroo is pushed out of line by alternate travelers.

Presently stranded in Calcutta, Saroo tries to rest in the prepare station burrow with some different destitute youngsters. In any case, amidst the night, officers come and pursue them. Just Saroo escapes since he's sufficiently little to fit through a crevice in the entryway. He meanders through the city, alone, with a bit of cardboard to mull over. A lady named Noor sees him and rapidly learns he doesn't speak Bangladesh yet Hindi, which she talks. She takes him to her home and gives him some nourishment and some pop, which he's apparently never had. He goes to informal lodging discloses to him a companion named Rawa needs to meet him. Rawa visits and he nestles beside Saroo, revealing to him he will take him to a few companions. Before he leaves, he requests that Saroo stand up and looks him over. He reveals to Noor that Saroo is the correct sort of kid that "they" are searching for. The following morning, Noor tries to bolster Saroo again however he no longer trusts her. He comes up short on her home before Rawa can come back to claim him.

Saroo keeps on meandering the boulevards of Calcutta. He finds an expansive spoon in a heap of trash and keeps it. Saroo sits opposite a bistro where a man can be seen through the window, eating soup. Saroo duplicates his peculiarities which delights the man, who goes outside and approaches Saroo. In the following scene, Saroo is being addressed by the police. They inquire as to whether Saroo knows the name of his town however they don't perceive the name "Ganeshtalay." They inquire as to whether he knows the name of his mom and he says her name is "Mum." They can't understand how far he voyaged so they accept he lives close Calcutta in spite of not talking their dialect. A photo of him is taken and circled around. In the mean time, Saroo is sent to a shelter to live with other kids. He goes to class nearby. One kid is vexed and starts hitting his head against the divider and around evening time, they pull him from his quaint little inn him outside, while the rest should rest. To solace themselves, every one of the kids start singing a melody to themselves.

It's presently 1987. A lady comes and tells Saroo they've flowed his photograph in the Calcutta daily paper which achieves 15 million individuals yet nobody has possessed the capacity to distinguish him. (They don't understand he's so distant from home). They are not certain he will ever be brought together with his family so a decent Australian couple will receive him. Saroo and other kids that will be embraced are shown English, concentrating on things that they'll experience during supper. They take in the words "fork," "spoon," and "blade." Then "salt." Saroo happily distinguishes "pepper." He is given a shirt that says TASMANIA, where he'll be moving to, and is put on a plane. When he arrives, he meets his received guardians, John Brierley (David Wenham) and his significant other, Sue (Nicole Kidman).

Saroo is somewhat bashful at first however extremely open to living with the Brierleys. He is captivated by the fridge loaded with sustenance. At supper, he cheerfully distinguishes "pepper" which charms them. Sue gives him a shower and he plays with shower toys interestingly. Them three play Cricket on the close-by shoreline.

Two years pass by and now they embrace a moment kid from India, named Mantosh. In any case, the youthful Mantosh is extremely standoffish and requires significantly more tolerance than Saroo. We now streak forward to 2010, 24 years after the story started. A grown-up Saroo (Dev Patel) swims in the sea and afterward joins his embraced guardians at supper. Saroo now communicates in English smoothly and has an Australian articulation. The family has welcomed Mantosh to the eatery however he doesn't show up, which is ordinary for him. Saroo stops by Mantosh's home and lets him know not to maintain a strategic distance from their folks. They have a kindly bond in spite of Mantosh being disturbed. He prods Saroo about his up and coming course on lodging administration.

Saroo goes to that course and notification Lucy (Rooney Mara), a kindred understudy who appears to be comparably brought with him. She clarifies, in another class, that she is examining inn administration to furnish individuals with administration that makes them glad. Saroo advises the class he's attempting to secure a benefit for himself and everybody snickers. After class, Saroo and Lucy see each other when they both stroll to a gathering, on inverse sides of the road. She does a senseless move and the two wind up landing to the occasion together. Alternate children ask Saroo where he's from and he says Calcutta. Every one of the understudies are having a decent time and after that Saroo goes in the kitchen and notes a similar red peppers he told his sibling he needed toward the start of the film, which makes him have a flashback. He winds up noticeably furious and when he rejoins the gathering, he concedes he isn't generally from Calcutta yet had become lost and couldn't recollect the town where his family was. He says that he regularly thinks about his mom, sibling, and sister and wishes he could discover them. Somebody recommends he inquire about how quick prepares go and appraise how long he was on the prepare to make sense of what number of miles he voyaged. That can constrain the prepare stations around Calcutta that he seeks – however another person notes it would take a lifetime to inquiry all the prepare stations in India. Another young lady informs Saroo concerning Google Earth, another site at the time which permits clients to seek the world through satellite pictures.

Saroo starts crunching the numbers to compute what number of miles from Calcutta he was, which permits him to draw a hover of conceivable areas he ought to seek. In the interim, Lucy and Saroo start dating and he conveys her home to meet the family. Be that as it may, when Mantosh shows up, he is discourteous and makes Lucy awkward. At the point when Saroo reprimands him for this, Mantosh goes insane, hitting himself at the table and bringing about a scene.

Saroo keeps having flashbacks of his restricted time with his organic family –he daydreams seeing his mom on the shoreline. He eats at the neighborhood nourishment court and envisions his sibling there, eating off individuals' plates. Different parts of his adolescence still remain a conspicuous piece of his life, similar to a scar he has all over – we discover that he once conveyed a watermelon home and, in light of the fact that holding the organic product up covered his vision, he was hit by a motorbike, bringing on the injury. Lucy calls attention to that regardless of the possibility that Saroo could locate his previous home, it's no assurance his family would be there and afterward the pursuit could never end. Regardless he continues fixating on attempting to find his family. He looks on Google Earth and sees a water tower by a prepare station and flashes back to the one we saw toward the start of the film. He keeps checking around and sees a prepare track running over an extension, which helps him to remember a comparative spot by where he grew up. However none of these spots are the town he was conceived.
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