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Rogue One 2016 Torrent
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    Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk
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The Rebel Alliance makes a risky move to steal the plans for the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.

The film starts with "IN A GALAXY FAR AWAY" however in a split second jumps to the activity. No opening creep.

We see an Empire transport arrive. Lyra Erso (Valene Kane) keeps running off to caution her significant other, Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) and little girl Jyn Erso. Lyra calls Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker) and discloses to him that they have come. Galen says farewell to his little girl and discloses to her that he cherishes her, "Stardust," as he heads off to confront the Empire. Lyra likewise gives Jyn a neckband, disclosing to her that the compel will dependably be with her and she can trust on it.

Outside, Galen meets Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn), who tries to inspire him to return to work for the Empire. He gets some information about his family, and Galen lies. At the point when Orson advises stormtroopers to check the environment, Lyra shows up and they have a standoff. Amid the standoff, regardless of his supplications, Lyra endeavors to shoot Orson, just hits his arm, and is slaughtered. A stormtrooper toy is then found, and Orson instructs them to offer pursue to discover Galen's little girl. Jyn flees and figures out how to cover up under a stone. Afterward, Saw shows up and saves her.

Quick forward to the Ring of Kafrene. There, a more seasoned Jyn (Felicity Jones) is being held hostage. Then, the insubordination examine the Empire's arrangement to make a mammoth weapon equipped for wrecking whole planets.

At Jedha, Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed), a pilot that was with the realm however now serves the revolutionaries, arrives and is caught by the strengths there.

At Wobani, Jyn is being exchanged with different detainees. All of a sudden, revolt strengths soften up and free them. Needing to get away, Jyn assaults the dissidents and tries to escape however is ceased by K-2SO (voiced by Alan Tudyk), an authority droid working for the defiance.

At Yabin, the revolutionaries converse with Jyn about her dad. She says that she last observed her father 15 years back. The renegades then question her about Saw Gerrera and that he is a radical creating issues in Jedha. The agitators say that discovering Saw and the caught pilot is foremost to discover what the Empire is plotting. They offer her an arrangement - discover Saw, and she is allowed to go. As Jyn sheets the art with K-2SO and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), Cassian is advised to slaughter their objectives and not play out any extractions.

At Jedha, Bodhi is defied by Saw, who is presently a human/machine half and half and requires a veil to relax.

At the Empire, Orson talks about with Grand Moff Tarkin about the weapon they are making. The representative urges that they play out a trial of the weapon.

As this happens, Jyn, K-2SO, and Cassian land at Jedha. K-2SO is advised to hold up at the ship, and keeping in mind that Cassian scouts the zone, Jyn is drawn closer by Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen), a visually impaired warrior that notification her neckband and the nature of the stone. Afterward, when Jyn and Cassian wander the city, Jyn sees riflemen and the range rapidly turns into a warzone. Revolt and Empire compels alike battle, and keeping in mind that Jyn and Cassian are about slaughtered, K-2SO arrives and annihilations the stormtroopers. Chirrut then tries to give them access his area yet is trapped by stormtroopers. Indicating amazing ability in spite of his visual disability, Chirrut routs the stormtroopers, yet all are in the end caught by Saw's team.

While Cassian, Chirrut, and Baze Malbus (Wen Jiang) are in a cell and rapidly see that Bodhi is in the other cell, Jyn is conveyed specifically to Saw. Saw is amazed to see Jyn, yet Jyn immediately goes up against him about giving her a chance to be a detainee. Saw then says that it was to give her most obvious opportunity and suspects Jyn of being advised to make a beeline for execute him. Jyn then says that she doesn't need anything to do with the defiance at all and Saw, looking crushed, discloses to her that "there is no disobedience without expectation." While this is going on, the Empire chooses to test their weapon.

Saw demonstrates Jyn a multi dimensional image sent by her dad. Her dad says in the message that he ran with the Empire to give the revolutionaries their best shots and that the weapon they were building is known as the "Passing Star." He says that he made a safeguard in the demise star by putting a trap - detonate it, and the whole thing bites the dust. He additionally apologizes to a sorrowful Jyn and advises her to battle for him and to complete what he began, "Spare the Rebellion and Save the Dream."

All of a sudden, the Death Star starts to assault Jedha. Chirrut, Bodhi, and Baze make a beeline for the ship while Cassian gets Jyn. Regardless of Jyn's help, Saw recognizes his shortcoming and advises her to abandon him. Everybody then escapes in the ship with K-2SO while Jedha is obliterated and Saw is smashed to death.

With their test being effective and Jedha gone, the Empire celebrates. In any case, Grand Moff Tarkin chooses to claim all the credit from Director Orson and undermines additionally activity for his aspirations interfering their arrangement.

On the ship, Cassian is furtively offered directions to slaughter Galen in the event that they discover him. The general population on the ship talk about the multi dimensional image Jyn saw yet Jyn, having left the 3D image in Jedha, is not trusted. She persuades them, in any case, to make a beeline for Edu and discover Galen.

In Edu, the group crashes their ship and choose to get another one. As Cassian and Bodhi take off, Jyn inquiries Cassian's thought processes. After hearing K-2SO say that Cassian's weapon was in expert marksman mode, she takes off with Chirrut and Baze.

On the Empire's side, Galen and different individuals from the Empire are being investigated on who furtively worked for the radicals. At the point when Orson debilitates to execute everybody, Galen surges forward and admits. On account of this, Orson still murders off the other speculated individuals. While this is occurring, Cassian has his objective on Galen yet in the long run does not pull the trigger.

In the interim, having snuck up on the agitators, Bodhi and Jyn arrive. Jyn shouts to her dad similarly as revolt powers arrive and cause a blast and a battle. When she recovers cognizance, Jyn discovers her dad in basic condition. She mournfully reunites with her dad before Galen passes away and Cassian pulls her from his body as they take off of Edu.

On the ship, a furious Jyn questions Cassian on his thought processes and he answers with the way that everybody has lost something for the insubordination, and that she just really began to mind as a result of her dad.

On the Empire's side, Orson arrives and reports everything to Darth Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones). Vader is furious and constrain gags Orson, releasing him in the wake of requesting him to make the Death Star work with no imperfections.

At a Rebellion hearing, the radicals are far fetched of Jyn's story and her believability. She closes her contention with "Uprisings are based on expectation" yet at the same time neglect to get endorsement on her proposed mission to invade the Empire's central station in Scarif and get the arrangements for the Death Star.

Outside, Cassian approaches Jyn about going on a mission - a few different revolutionaries have chosen to go along with them. With their group close by, they utilize the callsign "Maverick One" and make a beeline for Scarif to do the mission themselves.

At Scarif, Bodhi persuades the Empire strengths to give them a chance to arrive, and keeping in mind that K-2SO, Jyn, and Cassian go to get the arrangements, alternate dissidents sneak through and plant explosives. Executive Orson additionally touches base to screen the Empire's exercises for the Death Star and also Grand Moff Tarkin.

Before sufficiently long, the agitators utilize their explosives and cause blasts everywhere throughout the planet. With an all out fight rising, other revolt strengths choose to go to Scarif too (a R2-D2 and C3PO cameo likewise happens with C3PO remarking on the agitators going to fight). At the point when the dissidents arrive, be that as it may, the Empire chooses to make a constrain field over Scarif to keep more revolt strengths from coming in.

Inside the control stay with the information, K2SO opens the way to permit Jyn and Cassian to enter the database and concentrate the arrangements to the Death Star. While they scan for the arrangements, K2SO battles off the stormtroopers. They in the end discover the arrangements under the code name of Jyn's moniker - "Stardust." When they discover the records, K2SO takes note of the compel field and instructs them to convey it themselves physically by getting the document themselves and afterward climb the distance to the top to start transmission. Stormtroopers then overwhelm him, and K2SO passes on, for all time bolting the way to the control live with Jyn and Cassian inside, who are likewise observed by Director Orson.

In the interim, at the fight, the dissidents can bring down a few AT-ATs, and Bodhi figures out how to figure out how to the control change to turn on correspondences. He is, in any case, not able to turn the switch on amid the fight, so Chirrut goes out on a limb and strolls over to the switch and turns it on. He is, in any case, shot in transit back and bites the dust in Baze's grasp, disclosing to him that he will dependably be unified with the compel.

Inside the control room, Jyn and Cassian can snatch the Stardust record however are blocked by Director Orson. Notwithstanding taking out the stormtroopers and having the capacity to shoot Orson, Orson shoots Cassian (who falls), while Jyn barely get away. While this is occurring, Bodhi gets interchanges working however is slaughtered by a bomb tossed by a stormtrooper. Baze is propelled by Chirrut's give up and battles until he is additionally murdered by a bomb held in the hands of a fallen stormtrooper.

Jyn at long last advances toward the top and sees the summon comfort for transmitting information to the agitators. The reassure prompts her to recalibrate the radio wire, and she does, at the same time not realizing that Orson is going up. After the recalibrates the radio wire, the area is hit by the fight, and she about tumbles off. Recouping her position, Jyn tries to send the information however is captured by Orson. He guarantees that she and her defiance will pass on with her, however then a shockingly alive (yet intensely harmed) Cassian shows up and shoots Orson.

With the danger down, and the radicals having the capacity to kill the shield, Jyn effectively gives the information of the Death Star to the agitators. While this is occurring, Grand Moff Tarkin watches the bloodletting with Vader and turns the Death Star focus to Skarif.

While Scarif is going to be pulverized, the revolutionaries take note of the yield of the Rogue One. In Scarif, Jyn and Cassian clasp hands and hold onto on a shoreline as the Death Star destroys them and the whole planet.

We then observe Darth Vader enter a revolt ship and cut down scores of Rebel contenders as he pursues the memory card containing the Death Star arranges through the Rebel lead, landing at the last bring forth in the nick of time to see Princess Leia's ship undock and escape.

Inside Leia's ship, we see a CGI Leia (Carrie Fisher). C3PO She is asked her what the arrangements mean and she replies, "Expectation," flagging the begin of "A New Hope."
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