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The story of a team of African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the US space program.

We're in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia in 1926. A youthful Katherine Johnson is holding up, naming the geometric shapes on the divider, while her folks converse with an instructor at a school for talented understudies. They need Katherine to avoid a few evaluations since she is so mentally progressed and a math virtuoso. We consider her to be a young lady illuminating variable based math conditions that her teenaged colleagues can't.

We hop forward to the 1961 in Virginia where a grown-up Katherine (Taraji P. Henson) is stuck in favor of the street with her two associates that she carpools with - Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe). A cop stops and requests distinguishing proof. When they clarify that they work at NASA, he changes his tune, vocalizing that he's astonished they employ dark ladies. He appears to be exceptionally knowledgeable in NASA and brings up that the Americans need to beat the Russians in the Space Race. He inquires as to whether they are companions with the space explorers; Mary answers that they are yet it's unmistakable from alternate's demeanors that they're kept separate from them. Dorothy figures out how to get the auto up and running and the cop gives them an escort to the NASA field focus which they find unexpected since it's not as a rule a gathering of dark individuals speeding to take after a squad car.

The Space Task Group has a meeting about how they will beat Russia, which has recently had accomplishment with Sputnik 1, the primary counterfeit satellite. They're concerned that the Soviets having admittance to space could permit them to keep an eye on America. The man in control requests that Al Harrison (Kevin Costner) get them up there in light of the fact that they can't legitimize the cost of a space program that doesn't place anybody in space. A man in the group, Paul Stafford (Jim Parsons), makes an affected remark and is asked what his position is. He clarifies he is the head design.

The three ladies work at the West Area Computers division of the inside, isolated from Langley Research Center, alongside numerous other dark ladies who function as "PCs," doing math by hand. Dorothy gives out new assignments to the gathering – Mary needs to fill in as a designer yet now she is advised she is quite recently going to help them. Vivian Jackson (Kirsten Dunst), comes into converse with Dorothy. She reveals to her the Space Test Group needs another PC. Dorothy recommends Katherine on the grounds that she's the best at numbers.

Vivian escorts Katherine to the Flight Research Division somewhere else on the grounds, disclosing to her that it's standard for ladies to wear skirts and no gems aside from possibly pearls. She tells Katherine they've never had a minority individual in that division and not to humiliate her. Katherine enters the substantial zone where white men are doing math conditions. She is mixed up for a janitor and the men demonstration inconsiderately towards her.

In the building office, Mary takes her papers through the shut away region where a space transport will be tried. As it numbers down, the heel of her shoe gets got and she can't pry it free. They yell that her life is not worth a shoe so she forsakes it and joins the male architects behind the glass. The space carry detonates. They look at it and ask her supposition with reference to what turned out badly. She can deduct that the warmth shield took off the shingles and realizes what made this happen. Mary then clarifies how it could be remedied which awes the specialist. He asks, in the event that she was a white man, would she need to be an architect? She reacts that she wouldn't need to; she's as of now be one. Mary reveals to him the main schools that have the projects expected to wind up noticeably a specialist are forbidden to minorities individuals.

Dorothy inquires as to whether she can be elevated to chief since she's taking the necessary steps of a manager as of now. Be that as it may, Vivian rejects which Dorothy needs to stay conciliatory about on the grounds that she's not in a position to wrangle about. Then, Katherine is given a considerable measure of work to check by Paul Stafford, who is short with her, disclosing to her his numbers are immaculate and he needs it checked before the day's over. He has likewise passed out a considerable measure of data as though Katherine couldn't be trusted with it. She needs to hold it up to the light to peruse it since she can't take care of the issues generally.

Time passes and Katherine needs to utilize the restroom. She asks a lady where it is and is told, "I don't know where YOUR restroom is." Katherine goes outside, expecting to pee, however understands the lavatory in that building is for white ladies just and can't sneak in on the grounds that a few ladies are standing around adjacent. She needs to leave the building and run a large portion of a mile toward the West Area Computer division she used to work in. She carries her work with her and keeps on sealing it while she pees.

That night, Dorothy is in a terrible state of mind as she drives the other two home, griping about Vivian not making her a manager when she's been acting as one for quite a long time. Katherine returns home and discovers her three girls battling in their room. The youthful ones need to know why the most seasoned one gets her own bed. Katherine says in the event that they need to go up against similar tasks and obligations, they can gain the privilege to the bed. The more youthful young ladies concur they are fine sharing. They whine that their mother has been away for quite a while and she refers to her new position as the cause.

The three ladies go to chapel and a good looking colonel (Mahershala Ali) gets Katherine's attention. At the grill a short time later, the ladies motion for the man, Jim Johnson, to come over and converse with Katherine. Both of them play with each other.

Back at NASA, Katherine goes to present herself with some espresso, which scares all the white individuals as she should drink from a different pot. Al Harrison joins the gathering and inquires as to whether anybody needs to try a math condition on an expansive writing slate that has gone unsolved. No one notification however Katherine ventures up and figures it out. Time passes and Al asks who tackled the math issue. At the point when Katherine concedes she did, he asks what she does and Katherine discloses to him she is checking work. She demonstrates him and he requests that how she's capable function with all the passed out areas. She concedes she holds it up to the light and demands that she get the reports without being passed out. He concurs, refering to that she's not a Russian spy so there's no motivation to keep data from her.

The NASA representatives are assembled out on the dispatch site to meet John Glenn (Glen Powell) will's identity guiding the Friendship 7, which would make him the principal American in circle. He is debilitated from welcome the dark ladies, who are isolated from the white workers, yet comes over in any case and turns out to be agreeable.

Katherine is given the task to review reports and, in light of the fact that most of the exploration is hers, she doles out them to "Paul Stafford and Mary Goble."

On a stormy day, Katherine sprints the long separation to utilize the Colored Women's room. When she returns, Al asks her for what reason she is away for so long each day. Drenching wet, Katherine dispatches into an immense discourse about how she needs to utilize the Colored Women's room and how she's not permitted to drink espresso from a similar pot and how she's been illegal to wear pearls however she's never possessed any. Al identifies with her and goes toward the West Area Computer division and thumps down the COLORED WOMEN restroom sign with a heavy hammer. He says, starting now and into the foreseeable future, there will be no isolation of lavatories.

Dorothy sneaks into the information handling focus and studies the IBM machine they've set up. Afterward, she takes her youngsters to the library and finds a book on FORTRAN programming. A white lady spots her and whines she's in the wrong area. Dorothy reveals to her that they didn't have the book she needed in hers. She is kicked out of the library however uncovers that she has brought the book with her. At the point when her child gets some information about it, Dorothy cases she's a citizen and the library is government possessed so she ought to be allowed to take the book.

Katherine sees Jim again at a cookout and he approaches what she accomplishes professionally. When she reveals to him she functions as a PC at NASA, he voices that he's amazed that they let ladies handle that sort of math. Annoyed, Katherine discloses to him they don't pass judgment on her by her skirt however by her glasses.

Presently Katherine is regarded among her white male associates. They pour her espresso from a similar pot. She composes a report and puts her name on top once more. Paul advises her not to do this since "PCs" don't get credited on reports. Katherine talks about that it's her math. She additionally voices to Al Harrison that she needs to be incorporated on gatherings since she is responsible for dissecting the discourses. Al brings up there's no convention for ladies going to gatherings yet she reacts by saying there's no convention for a man circumnavigating the Earth either. He ponders who can change the standards and Katherine calls attention to that he's the supervisor in the event that he just acts like one. In spite of Paul's protestations, Al consents to give her a chance to sit in, expressing that they all cooperate or not in any manner.

Katherine goes to her initially meeting, with John Glenn and his group. She knows about the most recent issue, that they don't have the foggiest idea about the no-go of the space carry and in the event that they get him too early, he will wreck on reentry. They need to get the figurings consummate so they know precisely when he needs to return. The issue is the math they require doesn't exist yet. Katherine is made a request to go to the board and work on the issue. She brings up that the bus will travel both in a circular and allegorical bearing. She thinks of a condition that works, which awes everybody, including John Glenn.
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