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Raees 2017 Torrent
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    Rahul Dholakia
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    Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mahira Khan
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Criticizing the prohibition of alcohol, prostitution and illegal drugs in Gujarat, this film unfolds the story of a cruel and clever bootlegger, whose business is challenged by a tough cop.

Raees, from Fatehpur, Gujarat gets included in unlawful alcohol exchange at an extremely youthful age. Alongside Sadiq, Raees works for an infamous criminal Jairaj, pirates liquor unlawfully by fixing the police. In spite of the fact that he is a dealer, he lives by the rationality, as educated by his mom that each occupation is great, and no religion is more noteworthy than any occupation till it doesn't make any mischief anybody. He chooses to go separate ways with Jairaj and begin working all alone. He meets Musabhai and Nawab in Mumbai, and with their help he begins his bootlegging business. In the interim, a fair police offer of the IPS unit, J. A. Majmudar, needs to end this unlawful alcohol exchange.

Raees is as of now enamored with Aasiya and she acknowledges the proposition to wed him and the two soon get hitched. Majmudar gets exchanged to Fatehpur, and begins a noteworthy crackdown on liquor merchants. Every one of the merchants choose to work together with the exception of Raees. Majmudar keeps on social event knowledge about Raees, and Raees reliably discover approaches to deflect him and proceeds with his exchange. Because of his disparities with Raees, Jairaj tries to get Raees murdered. Musa illuminates Raees about Jairaj's endeavor and Raees makes due by murdering Jairaj and his partners at a bar, accordingly his rationality gets broken.

Majmudar gets exchanged from Fatehpur to Kutch. Gujarat's Chief Minister and Pashabhai, managing governmental issues underpins Raees for alcohol and cash. With his cash, knowledge and propriety, Raees disarms the organization. He likewise helps his group by offering work to ladies to sew fabric packs, which he uses to carry liquor and get them conveyed to homes. Meanwhile, Aasiya conveys a child kid. Raees is offered a venture by the Chief Minister to wipe out the illicit tenants at a land and build a lodging venture. Still a prevention to Raees' business, Raees figures out how to get Majmudar exchanged to control room office, where he supposes he won't have the capacity to effect his business by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, tables turn with Majmudar's exchange as he begins tuning in into all the Raees' telephonic discussions and get the updates of everything he might do. Pashabhai arranges a walk to end unlawful alcohol exchange, as a piece of his decision battle, which would go through Raees' zone. Raees attacks him the walk. The CM encourages Raees to go to imprison for some time for his demonstration however guarantees he would get every one of the offices and portable his exchange from that point. While still bolted up, the CM and Pasha shape a partnership, that could conceivably wipe out Raees' entire business. To counter them, Raees chooses to battle the decision from prison and wins.

Raees visits the area of the lodging venture with his better half and illustrates tall houses. He dreams that there would be plenitude in the quality of that region, where there would be no destitution or craving. In the interim, Majmudar gets exchanged back to Fatehpura as SP – Crime.

Public uproars soften out up the state. Individuals begin coming up short on nourishment. Raees dispatches free sustenance to four areas the city, which takes a substantial financial toll on Raees. Considering Raees a danger, the CM puts Raees lodging venture in green zone. The development of the venture stops, as it is restricted by the legislature. Raees all of a sudden gets himself broke with all his cash dwindled on lodging undertaking, decisions and dispatching sustenance supplies.

Moosa offers to help Raees by offering him cash for a task to carry gold from Doha. Raees gives back the cash of every one of his financial specialists in the lodging venture. News breaks that there have been five serial bomb impacts in north India, executing a few people. Police examinations prompt Raees, where the gold he pirated, contained RDX and Raees was ignorant of this reality. Raees is ethically crushed by this stun. Majmudar needs to capture Raees however considers he may escape because of the degenerate framework. Raees murders Moosa for selling out his trust and executing honest individuals to induce public mobs. Majmudar orders his officers to shoot Raees at sight, however Raees carries press with him and surrenders and is very much aware Majmudar would slaughter him. Majmudar takes him to a confined place and shoots him. As he is being shot, Raees encounters an emotional flashback of his whole life as he tumbles down dead.
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