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A rookie officer is teamed with a hardened pro at the California Highway Patrol, though the newbie soon learns his partner is really an undercover Fed investigating a heist that may involved some crooked cops.

Jon Baker (Dax Shepard) is a previous X-Games contender who is currently hoping to wind up plainly an officer of the California Highway Patrol. He gets himself amped up at home before taking off to start his preparation.

Officer Castillo (Michael Pena) is an expert cop and womanizer. He is working covert to bring down a medication managing group pioneer. Castillo has an especially individual contribution for the situation as the criminal killed Castillo's accomplice in the no so distant past. The evildoer holds Castillo's new accomplice Clay Allen (Adam Brody) at gunpoint, just for Castillo to shoot Allen for the shot to experience and hit the criminal. Castillo then insults him with naked photos of his better half.

Some place on the expressway, a posse of degenerate cops drove by Raymond Kurtz (Vincent D'Onofrio) capture a defensively covered truck. Kurtz's child Reed (Justin Chatwin) hauls a lady out of her auto so that the subsequent blast won't execute her. They pass the entryway over the truck, which slices through the lady's auto and hits a truck behind them, exploding it. The posse takes from the truck and they make their escape.

Jon's preparation goes awfully. He puts so far underneath in the outcomes that even the incapacitated learners improved. He meets with Sgt. Gail Hernandez (Maya Rudolph) as she discloses to him exactly how inadequately he did. Jon then discloses to her that he is for the most part doing this to spare his marriage to his significant other Karen (Kristen Bell) as she is thinking about abandoning him. Gail relates since she has had issues with her significant other too. Out of pity, she gives Jon a chance to join the squad.

Castillo is called to meet with his supervisor, Peterson (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.), who is not content with how Castillo took care of the current case, with shooting Allen and the naked photographs on his telephone. Peterson reassigns him to run covert with the CHP to bring down the degenerate cops inside their detail. Castillo is given the name "Francis Llewelyn Poncherello", or just "Ponch".

Ponch is sent to the CHP and is collaborated with Jon. They meet in the locker room clumsily when Jon approaches Ponch while not wearing jeans. Jon is extremely anxious to begin work and practically humiliates himself and Ponch before alternate officers. Jon meets Ava Perez (Rosa Salazar) and erroneously believes she's hitting on him while Ponch gets the attention of Lindsey Taylor (Jessica McNamee).

Around the city, Kurtz and his group are striking once more. Kurtz holds one of truck drivers at gunpoint as Officer Parish (Richard T. Jones) and his accomplice TJ are flying overhead in a helicopter. TJ is a piece of Kurtz's pack and is going to ruin his disguise, since the truck driver is TJ's beau. TJ takes a gander at Parish before hopping out of the helicopter to his passing. Kurtz just escapes.

Ponch and Jon start their examination by talking the lady who Reed hauled out of the auto and saw the theft. She says the pioneer being alluded to as "L.T." Meanwhile, Jon is giving the lady a ticket and attempting to ticket whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances to meet his amount, still urgent to substantiate himself. Alternate officers can't resist the urge to chuckle at Jon, including Kurtz, who is a piece of the CHP.

The folks visit TJ's significant other to examine his passing. After not assembling much data, Jon discloses to Ponch that he saw insights about TJ's home, similar to how there were not really any photos of him with his better half or any kind of confirmation that he was a helicopter pilot or had any work with the CHP.

Out and about, Jon pulls over a driver (Ed Begley, Jr.) for going too quick. The man tries to demonstrate Jon a gold dowagers card that gives him some sort of extraordinary benefit, yet Jon isn't having it. Ponch pulls him away and releases the driver on the grounds that Jon is humiliating them.

Amid their examination, Ponch and Jon begin to bond. Jon spares Ponch when he is almost struck by a truck out and about, prompting his cruiser getting destroyed. Jon makes Ponch furnish a proportional payback via conveying him bare to the bath when Karen won't, on the grounds that she's excessively occupied with her not really mystery partner Rick (Josh Duhamel). Ponch conveys Jon and coincidentally faceplants into Jon's crotch as he excursions.

When going by TJ's better half once more, the folks keep running into Parish, who is irritated with the two for intruding for the situation. Ponch notices "L.T.", which Parish says remains for "lieutenant". The folks look through the database of dynamic lieutenants in the zone and run over Kurtz. They stand up to him at the rec center yet he instructs them to fuck off since they have no confirmation that he has anything to do with the series of killings and burglaries.

Kurtz and his pack pull off another heist in the lanes, this time with Ponch and Jon on their tails. Ponch follows Reed on his bike in the wake of learning Reed is included with taking care of unmarked bills with his partners. A few specialists out and about attempt to stop the disorder by holding up a wire. Reed goes through the wire and is beheaded. Kurtz, now goaded, pummels into Jon with his truck.

Ponch takes Jon to the healing facility. Alternate officers, including Ava, go visit him. Jon sits tight for Karen to bring him home, however she never appears. Ponch is found by Peterson on out of the doctor's facility and is stood up to for messing up the examination with his shenanigans and for having an endeavored sexual experience with the CHP Captain Lindel (Jane Kaczmaryk)(he was attempting to have an attractive FaceTime with Lindsey). Ponch is let go.

After returning home, Jon discovers that Karen sold the house. Presently alone and disfavored with Ponch, they locate another lead when they discover that Reed's full name is Raymond Reed Kurtz, Jr. what's more, that Jon used to contend with him in games.

Kurtz is preparing for another heist with his assistants, individual CHP Officer Grieves (Ryan Hansen) and Lindsey. To exacerbate the situation, Kurtz captures Karen and holds her prisoner for Ponch and Jon to go protect her. They enroll the assistance of the kindred CHP officers and get Lindel to formally instate Ponch to the CHP.

Ponch and Jon touch base at the stockroom to stand up to the scoundrels. They get Karen unfastened yet a shootout happens where Ponch has three of his fingers shot off by Kurtz. Jon battles Grieves with their arm throws until Jon thumps Grieves out. Kurtz focuses his weapon at the accomplices after Lindsey gives him another firearm before Ponch and Jon. Kurtz shoots at Jon however Ponch jumps into spare him. A slug ricochets off Jon's arm (he had a metal plate put in there) and into Kurtz's head, executing him. Ava then handles Lindsey to the ground and captures her.

Ponch and Jon are taken in a rescue vehicle to the healing facility. Karen expresses gratitude toward Jon for sparing her, however he's authoritatively finished with her. Ava rides in the emergency vehicle with Jon and she kisses him. Ponch and the surgeon (Erik Estrada; the first Ponch) joke about Jon in Spanish as they ride away.

After two months, Ponch and Jon are authentic accomplices in the CHP.
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