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A team of scientists aboard the International Space Station discover a rapidly evolving life form, that caused extinction on Mars, and now threatens the crew and all life on Earth.

The film opens in space where a container is gliding in the midst of a meteor storm. The team of the Pilgrim 7 endeavor to get the case, as it contains an example from Mars. Design Rory Adams (Ryan Reynolds) ventures out and tries to get the container with the ship's instrument. The case hammers into the system, yet it's been effectively gotten.

Scholar Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare) concentrates the specimen they recuperated. It shows up as an one-celled critter however gradually begins to develop its own particular appendages and even starts moving. The group winds up plainly elated when Hugh affirms that the example is alive.

On Earth, individuals around the globe are taking after the team's main goal and the possibility of disclosure of new life past Earth. Youngsters from primary schools around New York are accumulated in Times Square as they send messages and inquiries live to the group. One young lady goes up to tell the group that her school has chosen to name the living being "Calvin".

Among the other team individuals on the International Space Station are Dr. David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal), Captain Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson), Commander Ekaterina "Kat" Golovkina (Olga Dihovichnaya), and pilot Sho Murakami (Hiroyuki Sanada). They all bond over their main goal and individual lives, for example, Sho's better half having their child little girl back on Earth. As they keep on studying Calvin, they discover that it has muscles, vision, and a cerebrum.

A bit of hardware in the lab glitches, making Calvin go still and quiet. After the hardware is repaired, Hugh goes in and tries to resuscitate Calvin with an electroshock wand. After a little jar, Calvin awakens and wraps himself around Hugh's correct hand. He begins to develop in size and begins appending himself to the glass plates. He gets the wand and breaks it as he keeps on fixing himself around Hugh's hand. Calvin then breaks Hugh's hand and makes him go out. Calvin snatches the broken wand and utilizations it to get through the glove in its regulation 3D shape. He then advances into an enclosure with the group's guinea pig. The rodent makes out of here Calvin, so he wraps himself around the rodent and devours it, becoming much more. Rory ventures into get Hugh out, however as he does as such, Calvin wraps himself around Rory's leg, compelling David to close the entryway on Rory. Rory gets Calvin off his leg with an oxygen flame and tries to consume him with an incinerator, however he comes up short on fuel. Calvin moves quick and creeps into Rory's mouth. He gradually slaughters him from within until Rory is does not move anymore. Calvin creeps out and is considerably greater as he escapes through a vent.

The team wraps Rory's body in gold thwart. Hugh states that the absence of oxygen on Mars is the thing that most likely continued something like Calvin torpid for so long, and he recommends that it could be in charge of wiping out life on Mars. The team then tries to reach Earth, however their frameworks have been upset.

Kat puts on an EVA suit to venture outside the station to settle the issue. Sadly, Calvin is outside and begins to wrap himself around Kat's suit. Kat begins to advance back to the station, however Calvin cuts into her coolant framework, making her head protector top off with dangerous liquids. David tries to get Kat back inside as she is suffocating, however Kat deliberately abandons herself outside to keep Calvin from getting back inside. Kat passes on and her body glides out into space while Calvin tries to discover a path back inside.

The rest of the group individuals are moving into a rotting circle, and they require whatever is left of their fuel to get again into an appropriate circle, regardless of the possibility that it implies giving Calvin a chance to back inside the station. The team arrangements to deny Calvin of oxygen via fixing themselves in their hibernation units and venting the oxygen out of there. Hugh begins to go into heart failure, so they bring the oxygen back, just to find minutes after the fact that Calvin is locked onto Hugh's leg and is currently greater, with appendages and something taking after a face. After he slaughters Hugh, the other three stow away. Sho gets into his hibernation case, which Calvin begins to get through.

Since Calvin gulped a tracker from Hugh's suit, David and Miranda can keep their eyes on his developments. They attempt to bait Calvin away with Hugh's body. Before long, they find that Earth Control has sent a Soyuz case to recover the group to Earth without bringing Calvin back. The station docks into the container, which allows Sho to escape his unit. As he tries to enter the container, a rupture happens from the blemished docking, bringing about a blast. This makes Sho get drained out of the station.

With the station's oxygen levels dropping and their direction made a beeline for the rotting circle, David and Miranda begin to leave to their destinies. They realize that an endeavor to make it once again into Earth's air could execute them, yet Calvin could survive it. David then recollects two escape units on the station that they can utilize. One would return to Earth while the other must be physically superseded to send Calvin into profound space. The arrangement is to at the end of the day deny Calvin of oxygen to draw him into the units.

David and Miranda proceed with their arrangement. David baits Calvin into his case while he tries to get Miranda home. The units go through a tempest of garbage, sending one case off base. Calvin assaults David inside his case and starts to wrap himself around David.

One of the units arrives on Earth in the sea almost a pontoon with two anglers. They advance toward the unit and find David stuck in some sort of goo. In the interim, Miranda is sent defenselessly shouting into profound space. David battles to advise the anglers not to open the case, but rather they do as such. At that point, two more vessels draw up.
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