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    Nacho Vigalondo
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    Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Austin Stowell
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The film opens in Seoul, South Korea. A young lady and her mom are strolling through a recreation center for the young lady's doll. After she finds the doll, lightning strikes in the sky. A goliath creature shows out of nowhere and starts strolling through the city. The young lady shouts with sickening apprehension.

after 25 years, we meet Gloria (Anne Hathaway) getting back home at a young hour in the morning while hungover. She tries to disclose her circumstance to her sweetheart Tim (Dan Stevens), yet he's had enough of her getting back home at odd hours tanked and not having the capacity to hold an occupation. He discloses to her he's pressed up her things and that he needs her out of there. Tim leaves Gloria staying there in dismay. After he's gone, some of her companions come into the condo to begin celebrating.

Gloria moves from the city to her old main residence into her folks' old home. While strolling home with an inflatable sleeping pad, she is spotted in the city by her old youth companion Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). They get up to speed and he welcomes her to go along with him at the ban that he acquired from his dad. There, Gloria meets Oscar's different companions Garth (Tim Blake Nelson) and Joel (Austin Stowell), the last whom Gloria finds alluring. Them four savor a piece of the banish that Gloria recalls from a while back as it has stallions painted on the dividers. Joel endeavors to kiss Gloria at a certain point, however she pulls back as Oscar shouts at Joel.

Gloria strolls home tipsy while pulling the sleeping cushion in a sack over her back. She goes through the recreation center and over the play area.

At the point when Gloria awakens, she gets a call from her sister to look at the news. Gloria opens her portable PC and sees an article and video of a creature assault in Seoul. She is alarmed to see this. She calls Tim about what she saw, however he knows she's been drinking and he wouldn't like to converse with her in that condition.

Oscar gives Gloria a vocation to work at the bar and even gives her a major TV for her lounge. She invests her energy drinking and hanging out with Oscar and his amigos once more. She goes home tipsy through the recreation center once more.

Gloria awakens and sees that the creature returned in Seoul. Oscar appears at her home as she is seeing this on the news. He comforts her as she is still gone ballistic, yet as Gloria takes a gander at the TV, she sees that the beast is scratching its head, which is something Gloria did before that she recognizes as a tic where she always scratches her head. At the point when Gloria looks advance into the recording of the creature, she sees that it looks as though it is conveying something on its back.

Gloria passes by the recreation center around a similar time that the beast was accounted for to begin assaulting. She lifts one arm not yet decided and afterward raises both arms. When she sees the news later, the creature has emulated her identical developments.

Gloria brings Oscar, Garth, and Joel by the recreation center around 8:05, which is the time that the creature ordinarily begins to rise. The folks pull up livestream locales that record the beast as it shows up. Gloria then begins moving, and the beast begins doing likewise moves. Before long, the folks notice what's happening. Joel believes it's a trick yet the beast still does what Gloria does. They advise her that helicopters are shooting rockets at the creature, which physically influences Gloria also. She makes punching motions, making the beast punch the helicopter and making it crash against its head. Gloria then staggers shakily and falls.

The news then demonstrates that the creature's fall brought on genuine pulverization and slaughtered many individuals. Gloria ends up noticeably troubled and coerce ridden. Oscar goes to her home and brings her a daily paper demonstrating that the beast was participated in the city by a mammoth robot, which Oscar believes is him.

While Gloria is still gone nuts by having in a roundabout way slaughtered individuals, Oscar isn't excessively pestered by being a robot. With his help, they locate a Korean man who helps them interpret message. Gloria passes by the recreation center and makes the general population of Seoul step far from the creature as she/it composes a message into the ground. The message means "I'm sad, it was a mix-up, it won't occur once more." The sentiment on the creature changes, now having individuals trust it implies well.

Gloria heads toward Joel's place where they attach and she spends the night.

Gloria and Oscar get tipsy and after that go to the recreation center once more. As both the beast and robot, Gloria slaps Oscar, making it resemble the creature and robot are battling. The beast seems to arrange the robot to leave, and the general population of Seoul support the creature.

Gloria begins to improve by not drinking to such an extent. Be that as it may, Oscar appears to be more unfriendly and adversarial as he beverages. He advises Gloria to have a brew, and she declines until he says he will go to the recreation center on the off chance that she doesn't take it. She takes the lager and spills it out before him. Oscar additionally gets out Garth for doing cocaine in the washroom. Oscar then departs unsteadily as Gloria follows him.

The following day, Joel comes over with a cluster of furniture for Gloria's home that Oscar sent as an expression of remorse.

Tim contacts Gloria. She visits him at a Holiday Inn. They contend when Gloria notices she's working at the bar, despite the fact that Tim already dumped her for losing her last occupation. They later go to the bar where Oscar is as of now smashed and being a dick with clients. He takes out an enormous firecracker that he and his companions purchased long back and were putting something aside for an extraordinary event. Alternate benefactors get out as Oscar lights it, sending firecrackers all over the place.

Through a flashback, we see Gloria and Oscar as kids while in transit to class with models they made for class ventures. The wind overwhelms them out of their hands. Oscar goes into the forested areas and discovers Gloria's model, however he begins stepping on it resentfully. Lightning then strikes noticeable all around, hitting both kids in the head. Out of their sacks spill toys that look like the beast and the robot.

Gloria goes home later to discover Oscar in her home with keys that her folks gave her years before. Gloria discloses to Oscar that she figures his conduct originates from the way that he detests himself. They begin battling and crushing furniture until Oscar runs out. Gloria takes after Oscar as he goes to the recreation center. She tries to stop him, prompting another beast robot battle in Seoul. In any case, Oscar begins to strike Gloria, in the end thumping her down. He discloses to her that in the event that she leaves, he will keep on rampaging through the city. As he steps around the recreation center, we hear the hints of individuals in Seoul shouting in fear as the robot steps through the city, while Gloria lies defenseless on the ground.

Gloria then gets a thought of how to stop this. She flies to Seoul as the city is being cleared. She gets a call from Tim inquiring as to whether he will backpedal with her. Gloria says no and hangs up on him. In the interim, Oscar is intoxicated and strolling into the recreation center, so the robot emerges over the city. The general population keep running from it yet Gloria strolls toward it. In the recreation center, Oscar hears stepping clamors as the ground shakes. The creature is currently remaining over him. He flees in dread, and the robot keeps running over the sea. Gloria pushes ahead and gets the air, which makes the beast snatch Oscar and makes it resemble the robot is being gotten by an imperceptible drive. Oscar begins crying and shouts at the creature to put him down. He calls her a fucking bitch, so Gloria/the creature throw Oscar/the robot into the separation. The general population of Seoul cheer as the robot is no more.

Gloria leaves the scene. As it is being accounted for on, Joel sees her on TV behind the anchorwoman commentating on the scene. Gloria strolls into a little eatery, resembling she's going to cry. The lady behind the counter inquires as to whether she needs nourishment. Gloria says yes, and afterward offers to recount the lady a story. The lady concurs and after that inquires as to whether she needs a drink. Gloria just moans.
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