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In the distant future, a small waste-collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind.

In 2805, Earth is deserted and to a great extent debased with trash, with its kin emptied by megacorporation Buy-N-Large on mammoth starliners. BnL has abandoned WALL-E robot waste compactors to tidy up, be that as it may, all have since quit working, aside from one unit who has picked up consciousness and can remain dynamic utilizing parts from different units. One day, WALL-E finds a sound seedling, which he comes back to his home. Afterward, an unmanned spaceship lands and conveys an EVE test to examine the planet. Divider E is beguiled by EVE, who is at first unfriendly yet steadily becomes a close acquaintence with him. At the point when WALL-E conveys EVE to his trailer and demonstrates her the plant, in any case, she abruptly takes the plant and goes into standby mode. Divider E, befuddled, unsuccessfully tries to reactivate her. The ship then comes back to gather EVE, and with WALL-E sticking on, comes back to its mothership, the starliner Axiom.

The Axiom's travelers have turned out to be large and weak because of microgravity and dependence on a mechanized way of life, including the ship's present skipper, McCrea, who leaves the ship under the control of the automated autopilot, AUTO. EVE is taken to the extension, with WALL-E following along. McCrea is not ready for a positive test reaction, however discovers that setting EVE's plant in the ship's Holo-Detector for confirmation will trigger a hyperjump back to Earth so humankind can recolonize it. Notwithstanding, AUTO arranges his automated associate GO-4 to take the plant to keep this from happening.

With the plant missing, EVE is regarded flawed and taken to Diagnostics. Divider E botches the methodology as torment, and in mediating inadvertently liberates a gathering of failing robots and makes both EVE and himself be assigned as rebel. Baffled, EVE takes WALL-E to an escape case to send him home, however they are hindered when GO-4 lands with the plant, putting it in a case set to self-destruct, which WALL-E enters just before it is discarded. Divider E avoids, sparing the plant, and he and EVE accommodate and celebrate with a move in space around the Axiom.

EVE takes the plant back to McCrea, who watches EVE's recordings of Earth and infers that they should return. Be that as it may, AUTO cannot, uncovering his own mystery no-arrival mandate A113, issued to BnL autopilots after the organization finished up years before that the planet couldn't be spared. He revolts, shocking WALL-E and deactivating EVE and tossing them both down the trash chute, then confining the commander. EVE reactivates and dividers E convey the plant to the ship's Holo-Detector chamber; AUTO tries to close the chamber, squashing WALL-E when he battles to keep it open, yet McCrea can overcome and cripple him, and EVE embeds the plant to enact the hyperjump.

Having touched base back on Earth, EVE repairs and reactivates WALL-E, however finds that his memory has been reset and his identity is no more. Crushed, EVE gives WALL-E a goodbye kiss, which starts his memory back to life. Divider E and EVE rejoin as the people and robots of the Axiom start to reestablish Earth and its condition.
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