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A frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.

The film begins with Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) addressing his child Hawk (Forrest Goodluck) in an Indian dialect, disclosing to him that despite the fact that he is terrified and needs his inconvenience to be over, he should battle the length of he can get a breath. As we hear Glass' voice, we see pictures of Glass with his significant other and child, his house being determined to flame, and him holding his better half in his arms.

Glass and Hawk are strolling through a stream with other men from their chasing party as they stalk natural life. They live on a settlement with other hide trappers. They are driven by their skipper, Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson). A man from their gathering strolls into the settlement and falls forward with a bolt in his back. Another man is shot in the neck with a bolt and falls into the open air fire. The chasing gathering is assaulted by a tribe of Arikara Indians. The men shoot back with their rifles. Glass is assaulted and about gagged to death, however one of his men salvages him. The surviving men assemble their hides and materials toward a vessel to make their escape.

It is found out that the Indians are searching for the main's girl, Powaqa, imagining that one of the men from the chasing gathering may have taken her.

The men search out another settlement. Peddle is threatened by John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) for his race (Hawk is half-Indian on his mom's side), however Glass rapidly guards his child and lets him know not to counter against Fitzgerald.

Glass is later isolated from the gathering in the forested areas. He runs over a wild bear and her whelp, and he is immediately assaulted by the bigger bear. The bear hooks and chomps into Glass, tossing him around as Glass tries to safeguard himself. He figures out how to shoot at the bear, yet it doesn't execute her. She assaults once more, and Glass gets his blade, cutting it to death as they both tumble down a slope. The men later discover Glass and attempt to watch out for his profound injuries.

The Indians proceed with their look for Powaqa. They go over French hide brokers and attempt to exchange for their stallions, however the men in that gathering decline to surrender their steeds.

The men in the chasing party convey Glass on a temporary stretcher, however he just backs them off. They endeavor to convey him up a slope, just for him to slide and cut the other men down. Fitzgerald recommends they have to simply execute Glass and put him out of his wretchedness. Henry covers Glass' eyes and practically shoots him in the head, however he can't force himself to do it. Henry offers installment to any individual who can remain behind with Glass. Peddle and Jim Bridger (Will Poulter) volunteer, however Fitzgerald brings up that they and Glass will probably kick the bucket. Henry raises the installment offer so that even Fitzgerald chooses to remain with them until Glass lapses.

Glass is still in awesome torment and keeps on having dreams of his significant other and the day his house was burned to the ground.

Fitzgerald gets a minute alone with Glass and persuades him to give him a chance to put him out of his hopelessness so that nobody else is backed off or left holding up to bite the dust, including Hawk. Glass squints in understanding, and Fitzgerald begins to cover him. Peddle shows up and thinks Fitzgerald is purposely killing his dad. Sell begins to call Bridger for help, prompting a battle with Fitzgerald in which the man wounds Hawk in the midriff, then giving him a chance to seep out to bite the dust as Glass watches vulnerably. Fitzgerald disposes of Hawk's body and discloses to Bridger he doesn't know where he went.

Soon thereafter, Fitzgerald inclinations Bridger to proceed onward with him as he claims to have seen Ree Indians by the stream. As of now having uncovered a grave for Glass, Fitzgerald mightily drags him into the opening and covers him under a heap of earth as Bridger reluctantly gives him a chance to do as such.

We see Henry and the chasing party have touched base at their station. As Fitzgerald and Bridger make a beeline for meet them, Bridger acknowledges Fitzgerald was lying about having seen the Ree by the brook. He turns his rifle on Fitzgerald, however he takes it from Bridger and turns it on him. He pulls the trigger, just to see that the rifle was emptied. They keep on moving.

Glass stirs and pitifully battles to ascend from out of the earth. He begins creeping his way through the forested areas to discover nourishment and warmth. He discovers Hawk's body frigid up from the frosty. Glass promises to remain by his child's side. He finds a thick hide pelt to bring with him to keep warm. As he keeps on moving, he bolsters off of roots. He endeavors to manufacture a fire for included warmth. Adjacent, the Indians are getting nearer, so Glass rides down the rapids to escape them.

Fitzgerald and Bridger are as yet strolling. They go over a torched settlement with bodies sprawled over the ground. One lady rises up out of her consumed hovel and sees the men.

Glass is getting colder and hungrier. He strolls into the waterway and eats a live fish. He strolls up a slope and sees a Pawnee Indian encouraging off the corpse of a buffalo. Glass approaches him carefully and signals for sustenance. The Indian tosses him an organ, which Glass eats in spite of feeling appalled. In the morning, the Indian watches the bear wounds on Glass' body, which are beginning to spoil. Glass says his men left him for dead and murdered his child. The Indian expresses that his own family were executed by Sioux. He is searching out more Pawnee.

Fitzgerald and Bridger achieve the station and rejoin their gathering. Fitzgerald discloses to Henry that they couldn't spare Glass or Hawk, and he gathers his installment. Bridger, be that as it may, remains completely repentant.

Glass and the Indian push ahead. They spend the night sitting and getting precipitation in their mouths. This is the first run through Glass has looked serene in a while. The Indian assembles materials for warmth, and as he tends to Glass, Glass begins hearing his better half's voice, and after that sees himself strolling toward Hawk before they grasp.

At the point when Glass awakens, he sees that the Indian has been hanged by the French hide trappers. He invades their camp and witnesses one of the men assaulting a lady. It is Powaqa (Melaw Nakehk'o). Glass holds the attacker at gunpoint and releases Powaqa. Glass then takes a stallion, giving alternate steeds a chance to free. He rides it to a spot in the forested areas where he constructs himself a fire.

In the morning, the tribe scanning for Powaqa begins to assault. Glass holds them off with his rifle before he mounts his stallion and rides away. The tribe tails him on their steeds up to a precipice where Glass and his steed fall over the edge. The stallion bites the dust, and Glass is more harmed. As the dusks and the chilly increases, he cuts the steed open, evacuates its organs, and remains inside its body for warmth. When he awakens, he escapes the body and moves to a buckle. In there, he cuts "Fitzgerald murdered my child."
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