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    Seth MacFarlane, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson
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As a cowardly farmer begins to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, he must put his new-found courage to the test when her husband, a notorious gun-slinger, announces his arrival.

In 1882, in the town of Old Stump, Arizona, a weak sheep agriculturist named Albert Stark (Seth MacFarlane) is dumped by his better half Louise (Amanda Seyfried) subsequently of his withdrawal from a gunfight. He gets ready to leave for San Francisco, trusting that the wilderness offers nothing for him. In the interim, notorious bandit Clinch Leatherwood (Liam Neeson) ransacks and slaughters an old miner (Matt Clark) for a gold chunk. He arranges his right-hand man Lewis (Evan Jones) to escort his better half Anna (Charlize Theron) to Old Stump to go underground while he proceeds with his banditry. Lewis and Anna land in Old Stump under the appearance of two kin aiming to construct a homestead, however Lewis is captured in the wake of shooting the Pastor's (John Aylward) child (Dylan Kenin) in a cantina. Amid the resulting battle, Albert spares Anna from being smashed to death by two of the brawlers, and the two turn out to be dear companions. They go to a region reasonable where Louise's new beau, the haughty Foy (Neil Patrick Harris), challenges Albert to a shooting challenge. Albert is crushed, however Anna ventures in and routs Foy. Foy ridicules Albert, who indignantly challenges Foy to a duel in seven days' chance. Anna then spends the week showing Albert how to shoot.

Amid an animal dwellingplace move the night prior to the duel, Anna slips Foy a Mickey. In the wake of leaving the move, Albert and Anna kiss before heading home. After breaking out of prison and killing the sheriff, Lewis witnesses the kiss and reports it to Clinch. Upon the arrival of the duel, Foy arrives late and goes into writhings from the purgative he had accidentally intoxicated. Albert, who has chosen that Louise is not worth battling for, at the end of the day relinquishes the duel. He resigns to the cantina, yet Clinch arrives and requests to know who kissed his better half. At the point when nobody approaches, Clinch shoots an adjacent rancher (Ryan Reynolds). He uncovers that Anna is his significant other and undermines to keep killing unless his better half's darling duels him at twelve the following day. Secure later strengths Anna to uncover Albert's name and afterward plans to engage in sexual relations with her, yet she thumps him oblivious and get away.

Anna comes back to Albert's homestead, where he furiously yells at her for deceiving him. Secure seeks after Anna to the homestead; Albert helps her escape, then escapes himself. While escaping, he is caught by a tribe of Apache Indians, who undermine to consume him alive. The Indians save him when he uncovers that he can talk their dialect. They give him a bowl of peyote, which sends him blazing back to his introduction to the world and through agonizing occasions of his youth before making him understand that he adores Anna. In the interim, Clinch recovers Anna around the local area, before Edward's (Giovanni Ribisi) house. Albert comes back to Old Stump and goes up against Clinch. He wounds Clinch with a slug harmed with diamondback venom before his own weapon is shot out of his hand, however he figures out how to slow down until Clinch lethally surrenders to the toxin. Louise endeavors to win back Albert, yet he rejects her and rather joyfully enters an association with Anna. Albert additionally gets an abundance for slaughtering Clinch and uses the cash to purchase more sheep.

Later at the Fair, the proprietor of a racially charged shooting diversion called "Runaway Slave" requests that who might want make a go. Django (Jamie Foxx) ventures up and shoots the man while remarking that "individuals bite the dust at the reasonable".
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