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The film opens with a lady's voice clarifying the historical backdrop of the world. At the point when the planet started, it was canvassed in seas - just water. At that point came arrive - the main island was Te Fiti, who looks like plants in the state of a lady - she sets down into the water and turns into the green, lavish island. The heart of Te Fiti is an old green gemstone at the focal point of the island that conveys life to the world... until, as Gramma clarifies, the evil and audacious Demigod Maui arrived. Maui has an enchantment angle snare that he uses to shapeshift into different creatures with a specific end goal to advance through the island and utilizing his snare he takes the heart of Te Fiti. Promptly, things that were once green being turning back. Maui endeavored to escape the island, however Te Ka, a mammoth magma creature goddess additionally needed the heart of Te Fiti, hits Maui with one of her fireballs as he attempted to make his escape. The heart of Te Fiti was lost in the ocean, and Maui was not seen once more.

This is altogether uncovered to be a story Gramma is telling a gathering of extremely youthful youngsters. They all appear to be frightened aside from youthful Moana, who meanders out to the sea. The sea has its very own brain and starts leaving shells that lead Moana into the water... where the water holds up the heart of Te Fiti. Moana goes after it, however then her dad, Chief Tui, comes searching for her and the sea pushes Moana back to shore and the heart of Te Fiti disappears once more.

The principal tune, "Where You Are" demonstrates that Moana experiences childhood with the island of Motonui, continually needing to meander and investigate the ocean, yet Chief Tui shows her his theory that joy is the place you are. They don't leave the island under any conditions, and they have all that they require on the island. She is being prepped to sometime be the boss and should take after the principles. Gramma, who the town believes is a tad bit insane, urges Moana to take after her heart above all else.

Moana is currently an adolescent, with a pet pig Pua and a chicken named Hei who is inconceivably inept and doesn't know how to eat. Moana has acknowledged her dad's principles and appears content with them. Yet, then she sings "How Far I'll Go" about how the sea calls to her, how she needs to investigate how far it goes, and how it's hard for her to be the ideal girl to her dad when what she needs to do is answer the call of the ocean.

Terrible news starts rolling in from the general population of Motonui - the reaped coconuts are dark and spoiled within, and there have been no fish to get for the town. Moana proposes cruising out more distant to discover more fish and her dad gets unbelievably frantic at her, shouting at her that he thought she was through with this. Moana's mom Sina discloses to her that her dad is quite recently defensive of her - when he was a young fellow, he and his closest companion additionally cruised far out, and the waters were seething so hard that his companion suffocated. They remain on the island for their assurance.

Moana, encouraged up, chooses to demonstrate her dad wrong by cruising out to ocean. She and Pua go out onto the waters yet are about murdered by the risky waters. Moana is crestfallen and chooses to abandon her fantasy of seeing what's out there on the ocean, and her Gramma appears to let her. At the point when Moana inquires as to why she wouldn't attempt to stop her, her Gramma discloses to her when she passes on she will return as a Manta Ray. Moana at long last gives in and asks what her Gramma needs, so she takes her to a surrender where the passageway is obstructed by rocks and stones. Moana goes inside and finds an armada of boats, and in the wake of slamming the drums in charge sees dreams of her progenitors - in the tune "We Know the Way" she finds her kin were voyagers, cruising over the oceans and making revelations. Moana is excited and asks her Gramma what changed - her Gramma clarifies that once the heart of Te Fiti was evacuated the world ended up plainly perilous and fatal, and now even their remote island isn't protected.

At the end of the day the sea offers the heart of Te Fiti to her, and Moana is excited until she alarmed that her Gramma has fallen sick. She goes to her bedside, where her Gramma discloses to her she knows the sea picked Moana, she saw the sea call to her as a young lady. She reveals to Moana the best way to spare the town is to discover the cheat Maui and return him to Te Fiti to reestablish the heart. She can discover Maui by taking after the snare group of stars. Moana cries and discloses to her Gramma she wouldn't like to abandon her, yet Gramma clarifies that she will dependably be with her. She gives her an accessory to keep the heart in. Moana is leaving, and her mom finds her going - yet embraces her and releases her. Moana cruises out to ocean and sees the soul of a Manta Ray driving her direction - Gramma has passed on.

Moana is cruising towards Maui when she finds Hei has incidentally stowed away on the ship. The waters turn out to be unpleasant one night and Moana crashes on a minor island - at first she is frantic at the sea for being so unforgiving, however she finds she has discovered Maui, who has been stranded on the island for a long time. She goes up against him and discloses her arrangement to fix the harm he did, yet Maui clarifies he's not the awful person, he's the legend of men. He sings "The pleasure is all mine," clarifying he brought fire, manufactured the sky, and lassoed the sun for people and they ought to say thanks to him. He has tattoos of each one of his achievements. He gets Moana going to play a part with his melody - then traps her in a give in and takes her vessel. She figures out how to climb out and gets Maui before he's too far out to ocean. He continues tossing her over the edge, yet the sea promptly thuds her back on the pontoon.

As they're contending, three boats loaded with Kakamora - minimal adorable however perilous devil like Pirates - start assaulting their pontoon, needing the fantastically profitable heart of Te Fiti. Hei swallows it, and they abduct him. Maui is prepared to leave, however in a major activity arrangement Moana salvages Hei and figures out how to get the Kakamora to crash. Maui is awed. Moana persuades Maui that on the off chance that he returns the heart, he will be a legend to the general population precisely like he needs... so he concurs, on the condition that they recover his snare which he lost. Without it, he can do no enchantment and can't shapeshift. He knows who might have his snare - Tamatoa, who cherishes gathering uncommon and important antiquities. He drives Moana, who is not the best mariner, to a tall mountain - it is the passage to Lalotai, the domain of creatures. He accept Moana will hold up with the vessel and is astonished when she tails him to the passageway.

They drop down into the beast filled world, and Moana sees the snare on a fortune heap. She endeavors to take it, however the heap moves... it's the back of a goliath creature crab's shell - truth is stranger than fiction, Tamatoa is a mammoth crab. He's cheeky and vain and fixated on sparkling things. He sings a melody called "Gleaming" as he endeavors to eat Moana. Maui tries to get his snare, however Tamatoa is setting up a battle. Maui at last gets it... furthermore, still can't shapeshift. He's crushed, and Tamatoa is going to execute him when Moana holds up the heart of Te Fiti, the shiniest prize ever, and utilizations it to divert Tamatoa. She gives Tamatoa a chance to get it, and she and Maui escape. Maui says they need to backpedal for the heart, yet Moana uncovers she shrouded a stone in the bioluminescent ocean bottom - it was a fake.

Back on the pontoon, Moana gets some information about something Tamatoa said in regards to needing to satisfy the people who rejected him. She sees his tattoo of a lady tossing a child into the sea. Maui declines to discuss it, lastly concedes he was conceived human. His folks didn't need him and tossed him into the sea, which spared him and made him a Demigod and gave him powers. Moana understands that is the reason he's dependably been attempting to please people. Maui needs to surrender since his enchantment doesn't work, yet Moana persuades him to continue attempting. He rehearses his enchantment while likewise showing Moana how to explore the seas - she turns out to be great at it.

They at long last achieve Te Fiti, knowing the hardest part will be moving beyond Te Ka, who rises up out of the stones red hot and furious. They make a decent attempt - Te Ka is made of flame and can't touch the water - however Maui is hit, harming his snare. They are compelled to withdraw. Moana says they need to backpedal, yet Maui surrenders, incensed. In the event that his snare takes one more hit, it will be annihilated, and he will have no more powers. He needs to stop, yet Moana discloses to him she can't do only it. He can't trust he was sufficiently idiotic to think Moana could be the anointed one. Moana argues that the sea picked her, and Maui coldly says it picked off-base. He shapeshifts into a winged animal and takes off.

Moana is grief stricken and advises the sea to take the heart back. She tells the sea it has the wrong young lady and gives the heart a chance to start sinking. Simply then the manta beam gets through the water and appears to her as Gramma. Moana reveals to her she can't do it, and Gramma says on the off chance that she needs to go home it's okay. She asks Moana her identity... also, Moana sings "I Am Moana," and understands that the suggestion to take action wasn't originating from the sea, it was inside her heart. She recognizes what she should do. She jumps over into the water and gets the heart.

The following day Moana utilizes her cruising abilities to go up against Te Ka. She compensation fight against her, figuring out how to fake her out and move beyond her stones. In a critical minute, she loses the heart, yet Hei in his one snapshot of supportiveness snatches it with his mouth, sparing it. Incensed, Te Ka prepares to convey a deadly fireball when Maui shows up. Moana is alleviated he returned, and he encourages all her going while he diverts Te Ka. He figures out how to ensure Moana enough to get her to the Te Fiti shore, however his snare is tragically crushed by Te Ka. Moana moves over the stones to put the heart of the island back and finds... it's gone. Te Fiti is no place; it's simply water. She is befuddled yet then figures it out. Singing "Know Who You Are," she comprehends that Te Ka IS Te Fiti - without her heart, this is the thing that she progressed toward becoming.
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