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The film opens in Cuba where Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are commending their wedding trip. They are looking at an auto that has a watercraft motor in it when Dom's cousin Fernando (Janmarco Santiago) is getting his auto towed by a person named Raldo (Celestino Cornielle). Fernando tries to talk Raldo out of towing the auto, however he reminds Fernando the amount he owes to get it. Dom then strides into shield his cousin and gets annoyed when Raldo disrespects Letty. Dom challenges Raldo to a road race - on the off chance that he wins, he gets Raldo's auto, yet in the event that Raldo wins, he gets Dom's Impala. Raldo concurs.

Dom changes out the motor in Fernando's auto with something more souped-up. He races Raldo in Fernando's auto. The two go down the Cuban Mile, with Raldo beating Dom until Dom touches off the fuel and sends the auto taking off through the lanes. One of Raldo's folks tries to harm Dom by tossing his bike before the auto, however Dom keeps on riding. Be that as it may, the motor bursts into flames and just gets more smoking the quicker Dom goes. Dom figures out how to cross the complete line to begin with, yet he hops out of the consuming auto as it flies into the waterway. The horde of individuals encompasses Dom and Raldo as they venture up to each other. Raldo takes out his keys to the auto and offers it to Dom, alongside his regard. Dom advises Raldo to keep his auto, as his regard is adequate. Dom apologizes to Fernando about the auto and hurls him the keys to his Impala, which, as indicated by Dom, is more fit for a Toretto. The group salud.

Later on, Dom is circumventing town when he sees a lady named Cipher (Charlize Theron) attempting to settle something in her auto. Dom assists, however Cipher then addresses Dom by name. He knows something is up, and she discloses to him she needs him to work for her. She takes out a telephone and shows Dom something unmistakably individual to him, abandoning him with no decision.

We slice to Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) giving an energizing discourse to an exceptionally prepared group of...girls soccer players. He is instructing his little girl's group and is attempting to get them amped as they go up against the contradicting group. A specialist, DS Allan (Patrick St. Esprit), approaches Hobbs and lets him know on an EMP in Berlin that has been identified with the possibility to take out the power framework of whole urban communities. Hobbs consents to the employment, yet simply after his little girl scores an objective. He later rings Dom to round the group for the occupation.

Dom and Hobbs go to Berlin with Letty, Tej (Ludacris), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel). They have the EMP in their ownership and now have various goons on their tail. They bring them out with a destroying ball that Tej set up. When they get sufficiently far, they split up. Hobbs rides alongside Dom and expresses gratitude toward him for the help, promising brews when this is over. Dom doesn't let out the slightest peep yet then pummels into Hobbs' truck, making him crash. Dom takes the EMP and leaves Hobbs to get captured as he educates the others that Dom has denounced any and all authority.

Hobbs is secured up in an indistinguishable jail from Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), with their cells appropriate opposite each other. Before being taken to his cell, Hobbs meets with Frank Petty, AKA "Mr. No one" (Kurt Russell), and his new accomplice, Eric Reisner, who is later nicknamed "Little Nobody" (Scott Eastwood). Mr. No one needs to help Hobbs and the other way around, however Hobbs doesn't exactly put stock in him. At the point when Little Nobody says Hobbs' girl, Hobbs holds the person against the divider until Mr. No one quiets him down.

Whatever is left of the group is hanging out at a carport, still in dismay that Dom sold out them. At the point when Ramsey inquiries Dom's unwaveringness, Letty sticks up for him and advises her that if not for him, she wouldn't be alive.

In jail, Hobbs and Deckard trade exchange before Mr. No one has Hobbs' phone entryway open consequently. The gatekeepers come into set Hobbs back, however Deckard snatches one watch and uses his stick to escape from his own particular cell before liberating the various detainees. Hobbs and Deckard make a keep running for it, battling off both watches and prisoners. The two are then met by Mr. No one.

Hobbs and Deckard join whatever is left of the group at Nobody's HQ as they are informed on Cipher. Deckard knows her since she enrolled his sibling Owen (Luke Evans) to take the Nightshade, and was likewise required in getting Mose Jakande to take The God's Eye observation framework. Since Dom thwarted both those arrangements, it bodes well that she would follow him straightforwardly. Letty perceives Cipher's partner in crime Connor Rhodes (Kristofer Hivju) from her days working with Owen. Roman recommends they utilize God's Eye to find Dom. At the point when Ramsey tries to do as such, they get hit with signs from all around the world. Subsequent to evacuating the most improbable ranges, they are left with one area - the very building they are remaining in. A blast goes off and thumps everybody down. Dom and Cipher come in and take God's Eye. As they are leaving, Letty gets Dom out and inquires as to whether he's truly going to play Judas on his family. Dom doesn't let out the slightest peep, yet Cipher strolls up to him and kisses him before Letty.

At their fort, Dom asks Cipher for what valid reason she kissed him. She says it is all in regards to the decisions they make, and he didn't dismiss her even with Letty viewing. We then take in the genuine reason Dom is working with her - she is keeping his previous fire/Hobbs' ex-accomplice Elena (Elsa Pataky) detainee, alongside the child that Dom never thought about. Elena takes the young man out and says she calls him Marcus, yet that is quite recently his center name as she needed Dom to pick his first name. Rhodes then presents to Cipher a weapon, which she hands to Dom and gives him the decision of shooting her, yet first cautions him that they are being viewed, and in the event that he pulls the trigger, her men will storm in and execute him in addition to Elena and Marcus. Dom must choose the option to hand the weapon back to Cipher.

Figure's next mission for Dom has him go to New York to get an atomic football with dispatch codes from a Russian represetative. Dom makes a stop when he reveals to Cipher his engine is trapped. Knowing she has eyes on him, he figures out how to cloud himself in the correct spot while he goes to visit Magdalene Shaw (Helen Mirren), mother of Owen and Deckard. Regardless of realizing what Dom did to both her children, he approaches her with a demand for help, engaging her as a parent. Dom makes it back to the auto before Cipher acknowledges he cleared out.

The group follows Dom in the city. Figure and her men hack into practically every auto in the city and take control of them, making them all drive themselves and collide with different autos. She even makes autos drive themselves out of high parking structures so the auto can come tumbling to the ground, sending the general population into a free for all. This stops the represetative's limo so Dom can take the football. He undermines to explode the limo unless they hand it over, which they do. The team gets up to speed to Dom and tries to take him in utilizing snares. Dom figures out how to force them all off and sidestep them, and he likewise seems to shoot Deckard dead when they stand up to each other. Letty follows Dom herself and tries to advise him that he cherishes her. She gets the satchel and tries to escape, with Dom delaying to pursue her. Rhodes gets Letty and practically shoots her until Dom holds his firearm up to Rhodes. Letty relinquishes the satchel, and Dom and Rhodes escape.

After coming back to the alcove, Cipher communicates disillusionment at Dom almost giving Letty a chance to escape. She is holding Marcus in her arms menacingly while Elena is tied up and has tape over her mouth. Dom is vulnerable as he watches Rhodes execute Elena without blinking, and Marcus begins crying after hearing boisterous gunfire.

The last mission sees Cipher sending Dom to Iceland to take control of a gigantic war submarine. The team heads on over with autos given to them by Mr. what's more, Little Nobody. Dom utilizes the EMP to take out anybody following him until he gets to the submarine to give Cipher a chance to hack into it. Then, on the plane that she is loading up, she is unconscious that it has been captured by both Deckard and Owen. As we learn in a flashback, from the minute Dom went to visit Magdalene, he had assistance from Raldo in staying under the radar. After he shot Deckard and faked his passing, Deckard was gotten by Leo and Santos (Tego Calderon and Don Omar) before Magdalene resuscitated Deckard herself. The siblings experience the plane and take out the scoundrels while Deckard securely recoups Marcus. He affirms with Dom, who now has no motivation to keep working for Cipher. Rhodes is prepared to shoot at the group, until Dom ventures out and begins battling him. Dom hammers Rhodes down onto his auto and breaks his neck in reprisal for Elena. He likewise tells Cipher that his child is sheltered and that he's pursuing her.

Figure takes control of the sub as her associates pursue the team. Dom then acts the hero, hammering into one of the partners in crime vans and making it fire rockets at alternate goons, telling the team that Dom is back. Roman, who took a Lambo, begins to slide down into the frosty water. Tej gets him out by snaring onto the front entryway and hauling Roman out. Roman uses the way to pummel the reprobates riding in on snowmobiles before shooting them. He gets got by Hobbs. Figure then dispatches torpedoes from the sub at the team. Hobbs ventures out and figures out how to move the torpedo with his own hands and send it at one of the miscreants' vans. Figure then dispatches a warmth looking for rocket at the team. Dom has them part up as it tails him so he can ride it back toward the sub. He hops the auto over the sub and makes the rocket hit the sub, exploding it astoundingly. Dom hops out of his auto as it consumes. The blast almost hits him until the team rides in and shields Dom from the blazes. As this happens, Deckard discovers Cipher in her plane after she discovers her sub is wrecked. She bounced out of the plane with a parachute and strengths Deckard to remain behind as he gets Marcus before he drops out of the plane. Dom and Letty then rejoin and kiss.

Dom and the crew return home, now a whole family once again. Mr. Nobody tells Hobbs that Cipher is still on the loose and was rumored to be spotted in Athens. He and Little Nobody offer Hobbs his job back, but he decided he wants to take a break and spend more time with his daughter. Deckard then arrives and brings Marcus to Dom. The two have a newfound respect for each other. With everyone seated at the table for supper, Dom introduces his son to everyone with his official first name - Brian. Dom then sits down to say grace.
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