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The film opens with Howard (Will Smith), Whit (Edward Norton), Claire (Kate Winslet), and Simon (Michael Pena) at an organization meeting with the majority of their representatives to talk about the immense year they've had. They all work for an Ad Agency, and Howard gets up to disclose to everybody the three reflections in life: Love, Time, and Death. In particular, "We ache for affection," "We wish we had additional time," and "We fear demise." He associates this with how individuals spend their cash for the duration of their life, refering to them as inspirations for their advertisement crusades.

The motion picture then slices to 3 years after the fact with Howard at the workplace before a scaled down city of dominos. He begins the chain of dominos and after that leaves the workplace for the day. Unmistakably something is distinctive. As he leaves, Whit, Claire, and Simon are discussing the status of the organization. They take note of that Howard has turned out to be progressively inaccessible and rationally expelled from the organization over the recent years. Because of this, they are losing a considerable lot of their huge records, as Howard was the reason those records were even with them. Whit raises the genuine plausibility of another organization assuming control and releasing them all, additionally specifies that they have one final shot to get another partnership to purchase their stock at $17 per share. The main issue is that Howard claims 60% of the shares and declines to offer. It is then uncovered that it's been a long time since Howard lost his young little girl and he's never been the same since she passed.

Whit and Claire go out for a stroll through the city and talk about the organization's circumstance, and also Howard's. It's uncovered that, despite the fact that Howard and Whit are equivalent accomplices, Howard got a few shares from Whit with the goal that he could utilize the cash for his separation costs. Through the discussion, Claire likewise specifies that she's been glancing around for sperm benefactors so as to have a kid

Sliced to Howard experiencing whatever is left of his day by day schedule. He goes home and sits alone in his loft. Claire comes to present to him some sustenance, however he won't answer the entryway. The proprietor says that not exclusively does Howard never eat the sustenance she brings, but on the other hand he's late on his lease again. Claire offers to pay his lease for the month and leaves the nourishment with the proprietor. Howard doesn't possess a telephone, a home PC, or whatever other present day type of correspondence. He likewise doesn't possess an auto, so he rides his bicycle as transportation. Intermittently, he'll ride amidst the road against movement during the evening, trusting somebody will hit him.

Back at the workplace, Whit is chatting with a representative about their different crusades when they pass a line of individuals sitting tight to try out for their most recent business about a journey line. The slogan Whit has concocted for the business is "Discover your life, shed your skin." As he gets to the finish of the line of competitors, the last one is a lady (Keira Knightley) who re-states the slogan to "Shed your skin, discover your life," taking note of that it's more wistful and hits you in the heart. Whit has the business chief change the line to the new form and goes to thank the lady, just to see that she's forgetting quickly the entryway. He finishes her the city to a little theater, where she joins a more seasoned lady, Brigitte (Hellen Mirren) and a more youthful kid, Raffi (Jacob Latimore). They're honing lines for a play that they've been chipping away at. Whit lurches in on them and says that he adores theater and, if the lady will consider joining their business, he will back their play. Brigitte is enchanted by this news. Before he leaves, Whit requests the lady's name, and she says her name is Amy.

In the wake of leaving the theater, Whit gets a thought. He meets with Simon and Claire at Simon's home. He lets them know of his thought to have Howard covertly took after by a private specialist (a similar one that his ex employed to catch him duping) to check whether they can demonstrate that Howard isn't in the best possible mental state to run his share of the organization. Whit leaves to go get his little girl so they can spend Christmas together, however when he meets with her, she says that she abhors him for making her's mother extremely upset and declines to go through Christmas with him or ever observe him again. Whit comprehends and leaves, yet is crushed.

Whit, Claire, and Simon all meet with the private specialist to talk about her discoveries on Howard. She says he adheres to a strict schedule: Once he leaves work, he goes to a pooch stop where he sits for a considerable length of time, then he comes back to his flat and doesn't clear out. Be that as it may, there has been one deviation in his schedule. He's been composing letters, however not to individuals. Howard has been composing letters to Love, Time, and Death. She could unlawfully recover the letters and offers them to the three preceding taking off.

We backpedal to Howard, who is going out for a stroll around an area when he stops at a place and looks inside the window. Inside, there is a gathering of individuals sitting around and talking. Howard waits for a moment before leaving and proceeding with his walk.

Back at the workplace, Whit recollects a procedure he gained from his Uber driver that he uses to converse with his mom (who is inferred to have Alzheimer's) the place he chats on her level, instead of attempting to compel her to see reality. He tells Claire and Simon that he needs to contract performing artists to play the parts of "Adoration," "Time," and "Passing" with the end goal for them to defy Howard, all while the private agent movies his responses toward them. At that point, utilizing altering programming, they'll just carefully expel the on-screen characters from the recording and make it appear as though Howard isn't rationally fit to run his bit of the organization offers. Claire is ethically torn by this however chooses to proceed with it for the organization's (and their workers') purpose. Them 3 meet with the on-screen characters from before: Brigitte, Raffi, and Amy. They talk about the terms of the game plan and how they plan to do it. Brigitte and Raffi choose that them 3 need $20,000 every, which Simon laughs at. Whit and Claire consent to the installment terms yet need to know how they'll do it. Brigitte says that since she's the most established, she'll play Death, while Raffi will play Time and Amy will play Love. They choose to play the parts as though they have the ability to control which individuals can see them.

To additionally examine how to play their parts, Brigitte chats with Simon, Raffi converses with Claire, and Amy chats with Whit. Every one of them meet exclusively at discrete areas. Simon is far off and wouldn't appear to like to talk about anything with Brigitte. Claire is as yet feeling torn about the entire arrangement, combined with feeling down about not having her very own offspring, and advises Raffi not to estrange Howard, but rather to face him valuably. Amy and Whit examine what she will state to Howard and the idea of affection, all while Whit perseveringly hits on Amy. He says to reveal to Howard that he can't keep running from her (Love) and to not attempt to live without her.

The following day, Brigitte (as Death) meets Howard while he is perched on a seat at the puppy stop that he goes to each day. She reveals to him that canines can comprehend the ideas of death and grieving. Howard, confounded, just gestures in assention. Brigitte keeps, presenting herself as Death, saying she got his letter (holding it up before him) and said Howard called her a "paper tiger." Howard, now altogether exasperates, tries to leave, however Brigitte takes after and says that he wrote in regards to making an exchange, yet she would not like to make that exchange. As she says this, a young man strolls by them and says "who is he conversing with mom?" and the mother (the private specialist) says that occasionally individuals are irregular. Brigitte discloses to him just individuals she picks can see her, yet not to stress since she just came to answer his letter face to face. Howard is obviously exasperates by the majority of this and advises her to allow him to sit unbothered as he leaves.

Brigitte meets with Simon and says that she realizes that Howard trusted her. She could see it in his eyes. She's excited about this "part" she's played and pampers the possibility of Howard trusting her to be Death. All of a sudden, Simon begins viciously hacking, and she inquires as to whether he's alright. Simon answers that he's not alright.

The following day, Whit gets in the lift at the workplace with Howard and offers him his season situate for the b-ball game and furthermore pitches him the $17 per share offer he got from OmniCorp, both of which Howard quietly shoots down. When Howard achieves his segment of the workplace where he keeps his dominos, he meets Raffi (as Time). Howard is again confounded and says he should be lost, yet Raffi stands up to him about his letter to Time. He says Howard composed that time is tricky on the grounds that while it makes the open door for satisfaction, it additionally in the end pulverizes all the magnificence on the planet. Raffi proceeds and says that he (Time) is a blessing and that he's squandering it by not proceeding onward with his life or getting a charge out of the time he had with his girl. Before he leaves, Raffi thumps over a portion of the dominos that Howard had set up, which alarms Howard. Much more befuddled than some time recently, Howard is left to proceed with his schedule.

Afterward, while eating at an eatery, Howard is defied by Amy (as Love). She starts to present the discourse that Whit gave her about how Howard shouldn't attempt to live without her and that he can't keep running from Love everlastingly, yet she begins to cry, and he takes off. She meets back with the gathering and feels that she fizzled. Everybody supposes they ought to attempt once more, however Amy declines to take an interest any longer, feeling repulsive for controlling Howard.

Howard at the end of the day goes to where the meeting is being held with everybody sitting around. He at long last goes inside, and it's uncovered that this place is a treatment examination assemble drove by a lady named Madeleine (Naomi Harris), who lost her very own offspring. At the point when Howard acquaints himself with the gathering and takes a seat, Madeleine tries to persuade him into discussing his little girl, however he worries and endeavors to leave, just for Madeleine to state that he doesn't need to state anything, yet trusts he will remain. Howard sits down and remains until the gathering time is over. At the point when Madeleine is pressing up to leave, she asks him for what good reason he at long last went to the gathering. She's seen him outside before and has been enticed to welcome him inside, yet he generally left before she could do as such. They concur that it must be the Christmas season that got him (and others) to go to the gathering. She informs him concerning her little girl. Her name was Olivia, and she passed on from an uncommon type of disease at six years of age. They discuss how guardians regularly isolate when they lose a kid, and she demonstrates Howard a note that was given to her by her significant other that says "if no one but we could be outsiders once more." She reveals to him that her better half got his desire.

The scene slices to Brigitte talking again with Simon, this time at a market. She's as yet getting a charge out of the prospect of Howard trusting her to be Death, however Simon is not in the state of mind to associate with her. She then inquires as to why he said that he wasn't alright some time recently. Simon doesn't give much data, yet Brigitte surmises that he is passing on. Simon uncovers that he has different myeloma and has battled it twice before at the ages of 16 and 25. This time, be that as it may, it's returned and is untreatable. Brigitte inquires as to whether he has told his significant other yet, however Simon says that he wouldn't like to put that sort of torment on his better half, particularly since their child was conceived as of late.

Whit finds Amy at another acting session and urgently tries to persuade her to return and continue filling the role of Love in their arrangement, and in addition go out on the town with him. She's not allured at all by his guarantees, notwithstanding dismissing $100,000 in installment to return. She all of a sudden asks him how he felt the day his little girl was conceived. He says that he was frightened, however when the specialist gave her to him, he felt the most serious sensation go through him. He says that he felt as though he was love at that time. She reveals to him that in the event that he puts the greater part of his exertion and relentlessness into cherishing his little girl, then she will return to the arrangement. He concurs.

Howard meets with Madeleine for supper after another gathering session, and she enlightens him regarding the hours prior to her little girl passed on. She said her relative was insane, so her significant other was quieting her down outside. She said she was sitting beside an old lady who turned and approached her identity here for. She answered that it was for her little girl and that she was kicking the bucket. She said the old lady advised her to not miss the "insurance magnificence" in her girl's demise. She never comprehended it at the time on account of the agony however feels that she now gets what the old lady was attempting to state. Howard, in any case, thinks this is garbage and that there's nothing lovely about that. Howard then discloses to her that he's been having discussions with "Adoration," "Time," and "Demise." Madeleine says that he ought to answer them on the off chance that they at any point return.

The following day, Howard is on the metro when he's again gone up against by Brigitte (as Death). She inquires as to why he is so irate with her. Before she can proceed with, Howard starts a tirade about how he's heard the majority of the adages like "passing is a characteristic piece of life" or that "God saw the prettiest rose on Earth and needed everything for himself." None of these things matter since "she's not here holding my fucking hand". He then tempests off the metro at the following stop.

As Howard is riding his bicycle down the road, Raffi (as Time) gets up to speed to him on his skateboard and tries to proceed with the discussion from their past experience. Howard then pummels on the brakes, which makes Raffi fly over the bicycle and arrive on the ground. Howard then hollers that he couldn't care less about what he needs to state since Time removed his girl from him. He gets back on his bicycle and rides away.

Next, as he's strolling down the road, he's faced by Amy (as Love) who is a great deal more formed than their last experience. He belittles her and says he knows precisely what she will state, however she shocks him by interposing that she (Love) is in everything from life to death, from giggling to distress. She says that he's been running from Love and can't see that he would have never had his little girl without her. He leaves, tormented by this idea.

At the workplace, Howard meets with Whit, Claire, and Simon (alongside an organization legal advisor) to talk about the condition of the organization and their arrangement to undermine his mental status because of his sorrow and grab his segment of the shares. Howard, in a shockingly clear domain of thought, converses with each of them at the table. To Simon, he says that he is aware of his ailment since he knows his experience and that the length of Howard is alive, he'll ensure Simon's family is dealt with. To Claire, he says that he's pleased with being her guide and how far she's come, yet to not abandon different zones of life like having a tyke. To Whit, he says that he is the closest companion he has ever had and that he's baffled not along these lines, but rather on account of how he's not attempting to recover his little girl. He says that Whit has the most astonishing thing on the planet in his little girl and that he needn't bother with authorization from her to be her dad. After this, he signs over his shares to the organization, additionally demands and signs another bit of paper that he knew the legal counselor had with him. Howard then clears out. Claire asks the legal advisor what that second paper was, and the legal counselor says that, years back, Howard put a bit of the organization's shares into a trust for his girl and the paper he simply marked was an authoritative report recognizing that she was no longer alive.

The scene changes to Simon, who is hurling in the restroom because of his sickness. His better half thumps on the entryway and inquires as to whether he's alright. He turns out lastly concedes that he's not alright. They're terrified, however they grasp each other, knowing they'll have the capacity to get past this together by one means or another. Next, Claire is found in her home looking through pages of a site on her PC. The site is for picking sperm givers, however she surrenders and shuts the PC. Ultimately, we see Whit outside of his girl's tuition based school. When she comes outside, he comes up to her regardless of her truism again that she wouldn't like to converse with him. He says that he adores her and that he's going to go to her school each and every day until she converses with him. She reluctantly acknowledges his choice to do as such, however as she leaves, she turns and says that tomorrow is a half-day for her school so he ought to come early, attempting to shroud a grin. Whit grins consequently and says he'll be there.

Afterward, Simon meets with Brigitte to give her the installment for her acting administrations. He reveals to her that he at long last told his better half and that she knew he was wiped out, however will get their issues all together soon. Brigitte instructs him to not fear demise, his own particular or any other person's and leaves.

The scene slices to Howard thumping on the entryway of Madeleine's home. Howard inquires as to whether she has arranges today (it's Christmas Eve) and she says that she doesn't and he inquires as to whether he can demolish that by going through the night with her. She welcomes him in, and he glances around at the photos held tight the dividers that were drawn by her little girl. She says that she was simply viewing an old video of her little girl playing with her significant other and inquires as to whether Howard might want to see it. Howard decays and Madeleine clarifies her little girl's circumstance and passing as she did before in the film. Howard begins to tear up and Madeleine again takes out the note she got from her better half, uncovering that Howard is her significant other and they split up after their girl's demise. Howard glances over to see the video of him and his girl playing together outside and furthermore with dominos (like Howard's day by day schedule). The scene flashes back to Madeleine crying in the healing facility seat outside of her little girl's room and the old lady beside her is uncovered to be Brigitte, who in actuality is the element "Passing". She advises her not to pass up a major opportunity for the insurance magnificence. Howard at last forces himself to state his girl's name (Olivia) and disease so anyone can hear as he embraces his better half and they both cry, at long last dealing with his little girl's demise.

We then observe Claire meeting with Raffi in his neighborhood to give him his bit of the installment, and he discloses to her that she will be a decent mother sometime in the not so distant future. She says that she's abandoned turning into a mother, however he reveals to her that being a parent doesn't really imply that somebody needs to have an organic kid and that he grew up not knowing his natural guardians, but rather the individuals who were near him went about as parental figures to guide him. He tells that it's never past the point of no return and that she has a lot of time, unobtrusively uncovering himself to be the element of "Time." She says that she thought time wasn't straight, as he had specified some time recently, yet he takes note of that was simply "horse crap and acting" before he leaves.

The last scene is Howard and Madeleine clasping hands as they stroll through the recreation center. They stroll under a little scaffold and afterward the camera dish up to Amy, Raffi, and Brigitte (Love, Time, and Death) remaining on top of it. At the point when Madeleine pivots to perceive what he's taking a gander at, they're not there. The scene then works out to a full perspective of the recreation center.
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