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The film starts with a nearby of Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman). We are told we're in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in 1963. A columnist (Billy Crudup) touches base at the home that Jackie is briefly living in. He reveals to Jackie that he is sad for her misfortune. She notes it's been one week and the press is composing truly shocking things about her. She tells the columnist that she will be altering this discussion. He discloses to her that is impossible.

The meeting starts and Jackie says she is happy she was with him (John F. Kennedy, whom she alludes to as "Jack") when it happened. The columnist discloses to her he was inspired with the voyage through the White House Jackie accomplished for CBS a couple of years prior and that she could have been a supporter.

We flashback to 1962, a year prior, when Jackie is taping the unique for CBS. Her social secretary, Nancy (Greta Gerwig) is there, checking on some very late notes with Jackie. We then observe film from the uncommon which would go ahead to have a group of people of 56 million individuals. Jackie discusses how she is securing authentic things for the White House since nothing in it is more established than 60 years. She guarantees the American individuals that the rebuilding is being done on her dime rather than through citizens' cash. She demonstrates the columnist the room where they procured a conductor to play music for them. The correspondent notes that the Kennedys appear to have a proclivity for craftsmen, performers, journalists, and artists.

In present day, the writer gets some information about her confidence however she doesn't reply. She discloses to him she was a columnist once and suspects he needs to think about the sound the projectile made when it crashed into her significant other's skull. We flashback to seven days prior where Jackie is on Air Force One on her approach to Dallas, rehearsing a discourse she'll give in Spanish. At the point when her better half and her leave the plane, they are welcomed by an expansive group. Lyndon Johnson (John Carroll Lynch) and Lady Bird (Beth Grant) get together with them and they proceed to a limo.

Jackie tells the columnist, in realistic detail, what it resembled having a bit of Jack's skull fallen off before her and his brains and blood in her lap. Be that as it may, she then tells the writer he won't distribute what she just said. He takes after her recommendation and asks what the projectile seemed like. We hear a noisy blast and see a motorcade dashing the limousine to the doctor's facility with Jackie and her withering spouse in the back.

Jackie is back reporting in real time Force One, crying, wiping got blood dry her face. She is summoned and goes out to the gathering room in Air Force One where Lyndon Johnson is sworn into office. This is a mind-boggling thing for Jackie to witness given what she has quite recently experienced.

Time passes and Jackie gets some information about the shot. He says they don't know yet. She advises another person that they have to procure the Irish Cadets for the burial service since Jack cherished them. She is informed that they'll be leaving from the back of the plane to keep away from press. Jackie wouldn't like to stow away yet rather, needs to leave the standard way. She is told when they arrive, they will make a beeline for the healing facility for a dissection. This surprises Jackie who needs to comprehend what will occur at an examination. Woman Bird inquires as to whether she needs her to help her change before they arrive since she is still in the blood-recolored garments. Jackie helps Lady Bird to remember all the Wanted notices with Jack's face on them (expressing he was needed for "conspiracy") and needs the greater part of his depreciators to perceive what they've done.

The plane grounds and Bobby Kennedy (Peter Sarsgaard) enters. Bobby and Jackie leave the plane and ride in an emergency vehicle with Jack's coffin. Jackie needs the coffin shut at the memorial service however Bobby reveals to her he doesn't know it can be since he was a Head of State. She discloses to him Jack's head was blown to pieces and she attempted to hold his head together. Jackie looks as they do a dissection on her better half. Jackie ponders who the shooter was. She grumbles that her better half cautioned her they were going to "nut nation" yet things had gone so well in alternate parts of Texas they went to.

In the emergency vehicle, conveying Jack and his coffin back to the White House, Jackie inquires as to whether he knew who James Garfield or William McKinley were. He doesn't know either. She inquires as to whether he knows who Abraham Lincoln was. She is told he won the Civil War and canceled servitude. Jackie takes note of that every one of the three presidents kicked the bucket while in office yet just Lincoln is recollected. She discloses to Bobby they require books on Lincoln's memorial service.

Jackie goes into her room in the White House. She at long last removes the grisly Chanel suit she is wearing and peels off her blood-recolored pantyhose. She cleans up in the shower, blood surging off her face.

Back in present day, the columnist calls attention to Jackie should get individual in the end since she'll be bothered until she does. She inquires as to whether he needs to be acclaimed; he says no yet she calls attention to this article will present to him a ton of consideration.

In the White House, Jackie is given an once-over of Lincoln's burial service which was a fantastic parade all over D.C. Jackie notices how her better half would spend a great deal of cash on getting votes however would dependably grumble when she purchased works of art for her reclamation extend. The social guide discloses to Jackie the world's gone distraught and it may be better in the event that she takes the kids and shrouds (so as not to get killed amid the parade). He's hindered by Nancy who reveals to Jackie the youngsters are wakeful. Jackie goes into Caroline's room and discloses to the youngsters that their dad has gone to investigate their infant sibling Patrick in Heaven. Caroline doesn't see so she at last reveals to her that an awful man hurt their dad.

The East Room of the White House has turned into a mass, grieving the loss of JFK. John Jr. stands up and flees yet is gathered up by his Uncle Bobby. A short time later, Jack's mom discloses to Jackie she expects her child will be covered at the family plot. At the same time, Lyndon Johnson's associate, Jack Valenti (Max Casella), contends with Bobby about the memorial service, saying a parade is crazy. He says he doesn't need HIS leader (which means LBJ) strolling out in the open. Bobby discloses to him his sibling will be conveyed out in the open in any case – in a coffin – and after that instructs him to fuck off.

Jackie voices her worry that they won't have much cash now that she needs to come back to the life of a non military personnel. She recommends offering back the furniture she purchased from gatherers with a specific end goal to have enough cash to put Caroline and John Jr. through school.

Back on the CBS uncommon, Jackie appreciates a picture of Abraham Lincoln, painted one week before his death. She flaunts a portion of the furniture that used to have a place with the Lincolns., and additionally the Gettysburg Address.

Jackie comes into Bobby's office while he watches Lee Harvey Oswald on TV. She hinders to reveal to him that she doesn't need Jack covered in the family plot. Jackie is then observed at Arlington National Cemetery, searching for the ideal spot for her better half.

In present day, Jackie says that she doesn't have a home. The writer inquires as to why she doesn't simply live in the compound they're presently at. She discloses to him it's cool there and he proposes lighting a fire and setting up a gathering. She inquires as to why she would set up a gathering around then. She says this house isn't hers nor was the White House; each First Lady must be set up to have her bag stuffed.

At the White House, Bobby reveals to Jackie that they're stressed an outside parade will be a security chance. However, Jackie is firm that they need to walk with Jack's coffin. That night, Jackie returns to the Presidential room and turns on a Victrola where a melody from "Camelot" plays. She enters her own particular room and experiences her closet. At that point she enters the Oval Office and sits at the President's work area. The melody from "Camelot" at long last finishes.

Jackie strolls with a minister (John Hurt) through a recreation center. She reveals to him she supposes God is merciless. He says God is love and is all over the place. She inquires as to whether he was in the slug that killed her significant other and if he's inside her constantly. He says, yes, and she says it's an amusing amusement for him to conceal constantly. She solicits, what kind from God takes a spouse from his two youngsters? What's more, takes her two infants – one in the womb and her child, Patrick, 39 hours after he was conceived.

The following day, Jackie approaches Nancy for a rundown of individuals going to the White House. Jackie discloses to Nancy she used to stress that Nancy was envious of her which would have been absurd since she's covered two youngsters and a spouse. Nancy says she was once envious of the dress Jackie wore in Vienna. Nancy guarantees to remain with Jackie in spite of her going out.

In the White House's living room, LBJ, Lady Bird, Bobby and his significant other watch on TV as Lee Oswald is being escorted to the jailhouse – just to be killed by Jack Ruby. Upstairs, Jackie is preparing for the parade. First floor, LBJ says they need to understand the circumstance since it's making them resemble a cluster of savages. Bobby requests nobody reveal to Jackie what has simply happened. At the same time, Jackie is divulging a mystery benefit specialist that she needs to converse with Lee Harvey Oswald, to discover why he did what he did. The specialist reveals to her he doesn't know whether she can yet says no more. Nancy recommends Jackie and her kids exit through the back to maintain a strategic distance from the press. Jackie thinks the press ought to catch two shattered, orphan youngsters.

Jackie drives her youngsters out to the front of the White House. A steed drawn carriage with John F. Kennedy's body is stopped in front. Jackie rides past picture takers and grievers in a limo. When they get to the Senate steps, Jackie welcomes Lyndon and notes it's a dreadful path for him to start his administration. Afterward, she bows at Jack's coffin at the Capitol Rotunda.

Time has passed. Jackie hurries into Bobby's office and shouts at him about not enlightening her concerning Lee Oswald being killed. She feels she put her youngsters' life in peril knowing how effectively individuals are shooting others when they go outside. She thinks about whether the parade is truly to help Bobby when he battles for president. She now believes it's not worth putting their lives in peril over.

We discover Jackie and the minister once more, strolling through the recreation center. Jackie admits she wishes she'd had a conventional employment and wedded a normal man. The minister discloses to her God is working through Jackie.

Jackie is demonstrated celebrity main street that has been set down in the Oval Office, which is something she beforehand asked for, alongside green cover in the Treaty Room which she's told was likewise included. She takes note of that her better half had considered finishing the White House was a vanity extend yet she demands it's to impart the White House's history to general society.

Bobby discovers Jackie in the Lincoln Bedroom and discloses to her the next day, everybody will ride through the city and there will be no parade. Bobby takes note of that being in the Lincoln Bedroom advises him that one man liberated a great many individuals from subjection. He takes note of that unfortunately their legacy was squandered. He fears Jack will be associated with being a wonderful individual however nothing else – he may have taken care of the rocket emergency yet he likewise made it. Bobby wishes they had accomplished more, as for Civil Rights and the space program.

Jackie strolls around the White House and sees laborers pressing up every one of her things. At long last, Jackie participate, strolling around and starts tossing things into boxes. She discovers Jack Valenti in Bobby's office, unloading his own particular possessions while having at the same time masterminded hers to be stuffed up. He promptly reveals to Jackie he's simply doing his occupation. Valenti noticed that he heard Jackie has asked for a more unassuming burial service. Jackie reveals to him she's altered her opinion and needs a parade again where she'll stroll to the Cathedral. Valenti banters about that the nation couldn't bear another death and discloses to her a considerable measure of head of state will be there, including a general who as of now has been debilitated. Jackie instructs him to convey the message that she will stroll with her significant other the next day, regardless of the possibility that by itself. Also, if the general is so worried about his security, he can ride in a defensively covered auto and the a large number of people watching won't censure him. She then rehashes what he stated, expressing that she's simply doing her employment.

In present day, Jackie tells the writer that presidents will admire her significant other for a considerable length of time to come. He calls attention to that her better half didn't do anything exceptional like abrogate subjugation.

The parade happens with Jackie valuing every one of the grievers who have turned out. She is then observed conversing with the cleric once more, conceding that she supposes the occasion wasn't to respect Jack however for herself. She tells the cleric that before she strolled with the coffin, she composed a letter expressing that she needed to pass on. On the off chance that she was shot while going outside, she'd think of it as a nice thought. The walk proceeds, with Jackie clutching Bobby. In present day, she tells the writer she has been lying when she says she doesn't recollect the death. And afterward we see it – John F. Kennedy is shot in the head and he crumples onto Jackie, who is shrouded in blood. Freeze results. She tells the writer she felt she could have spared him in the event that she had halted the dying.

Jackie makes a request to peruse the columnist's notes and afterward starts rolling out improvements. While she writes in his diary, he reveals to her Jackie has left a blemish on the nation, which is experiencing a dismal period on the grounds that losing a president resembles losing a father. He includes that she has been similar to their mom, particularly with the whole nation viewing the burial service. He reveals to Jackie individuals will recollect her for quite a long time to come.

It's a year prior and Jackie is completing the White House visit for the CBS extraordinary. Jack is met and says he values her push to reacquaint individuals with the men who used to live in the White House before her. This is intercut with Jackie going out, watching Lady Bird go over texture swatches, prepared to fix all the embellishment Jackie had chipped away at for a considerable length of time. Jackie and her kids are stacked into a limousine and headed out.

Jackie now tells the writer that Jack and her would tune in to records around evening time before informal lodging most loved was "Camelot." Jack cherished history and "Camelot" was about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. She states there will be different presidents however there will never be another "Camelot."

The cleric asks Jackie for what good reason she needed to converse with him; she has admitted she needs amazing he reveals to her he is not covering her that day. He includes that there comes a period in man's scan for significance when he understands there are no answers. The minister then admits that consistently, he goes to overnight boardinghouse, "Is this all there is?' He hypothesizes that everyone ponders a similar thing.

The writer manages the meeting via telephone, to his editorial manager. He then leaves, wishing Jackie a goodbye. We see Jackie with the minister once more, revealing to him how the writer recorded each word and his article has been republished everywhere throughout the globe. Also, perhaps they'll all have confidence in "Camelot" now. Afterward, the minister gives a sermon before Jack's grave. He has been covered by his two youngsters that kicked the bucket.

In the White House, a plaque is mounted outside Jackie's previous room that peruses "In this room lived John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his better half, Jacqueline, amid the two years, ten months, and two days he was President of the United States."

Jackie rides in a limo through D.C. She sees a man conveying a mannequin behind her that resembles her, that is wearing the same Chanel dress she had worn. She sees laborers emptying many indistinguishable mannequins from a truck, into a Macy's Department Store. The world has turned out to be captivated with her.

We see another clasp from the CBS uncommon where Jackie says she's pleased with her significant other. She is then observed situated in the White House with her significant other and Bobby as a musical drama is performed, as talked about in the CBS meet – yet on the soundtrack, rather than the traditional music, all we hear is "Camelot."
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